Tiny LEGO Wonders Book Review

About a week ago I came home to find a package waiting for me – it was a copy of Tiny LEGO Wonders from No Starch Press. It’s been a while since I did a book review, so it was a great opportunity to write one!

It’s often quite difficult to create microscale models, but this publication has some great ideas, and gives not only some awesome models to build, but plenty of instructions to do so. 

​40 different models are included, from a wide range of settings including the train station, airport, construction site, fire, car dealership, race track, harbour, aircraft carrier, space shuttle launchpad, and even the moon.
Each section starts with a beautiful double page spread of the setting in question, with some amazing displays. Then comes the instructions. Each model to build comes with an easy to read list of materials, as well as a difficulty rating – easy, medium and hard. 
Each step is easy to understand, even for the massive ones like the space shuttle transporter. I had to build something from the book, so I had a look at the parts I had, and was able to build the Lowrider designed by Liam Bates. 
​I needed to change some colours and a couple of parts for what I had, but it was still good to build. The techniques are pretty clever, and even for parts usage when you see them from a tiny view. It was an enjoyable experience, and one I’ll be repeating very soon!
The book itself is beautifully put together. Hardcover books are always beautiful to hold, and the colours in the images are great. Kids and adults alike will get a lot out of this publication. Mattia Zamboni has packed the 200 pages with some really great models. 
All in all, this is a book you’ll want in your collection. It’s available from Amazon for $17.11 from the 30th of July, but is available for Kindle now. Thanks also to No Starch Press for a review copy!