10244: Fairground Mixer Review

We’re back! The marks have been returned (High Distinction for those of you playing at home), so it means I can start writing again, and there is plenty of content coming! For now though, let’s get in to a review…

Theme: Advanced Models
No: 10244
Release Year: 2014
Cost: AUD$199.99
Pieces: 1746
Features: The Mixer, dunk tank, ticket booth, strongman tester, Mixer semi-trailer, support truck, large fence, 12 minifigs.

If you are after a fun set with plenty of great little details, this is the set for you. Whether the set is packed up onto the back of the trucks, or fully set up and spinning, there are plenty of things to look at, some fantastic parts, and highly detailed minifigs. Not only that, but this set would look great in a massive display. Loads of colour!

As I mentioned, this whole setup arrives on the back of 2 trucks, which are, in themselves, full of great little details. The support truck holds the 3 sideshow type attractions (strongman tester, dunk tank and ticket booth), with the larger semitrailer bringing the main attraction, The Mixer, with the fences and engine. Including this detail was fantastic as it adds an extra level of playability, and helps create an instant hit with kids and AFOLs alike. 

While this version of the set doesn’t come with any power functions, it is very easy to attach a motor and battery pack to get The Mixer going all by itself. To me, the motor is quite loud, and it is just as entertaining being able to turn the ride by hand. This is honestly the first time I’ve been able to use any of the power functions options, so if anyone can suggest in the comments if there is a quieter option, it would be appreciated!
Parts & Minifigs
There are so many parts in this set that are notable, so I will just stick with a few. First up are the glow in the dark parts! There are 3 varieties (nose cone 64288, flat round 1×1 tile 98138, and light sword blade 30374) , and you get plenty of them. These are bound to come in useful for future MOCs. One of the biggest bonuses with this set is the amount of seats. With 3 brown, and 8 each of red, yellow and blue, you won’t find many other sets with this many seats, if any at all. Aside from all the chairs (and fences), there are heaps of other parts that are a great inclusion, including a solid staircase, green cherries (only seen in one other set, the 2014 City Advent Calendar), a mini teddy bear, a grey dustbin, loads of transparent elements, and some great printed parts including a speedometer and cash register.

The 12 minifigs are one of the highlights of this set for me. With 4 kids 8 adults, there is plenty to look at in the characters alone! Accessories include an ice-cream cone, icypole and a teddy bear, There are also 3 reversible heads (2 adults, 1 kid). The biggest drawcard for this set is the Queasy Man, who looks like he’s about to lose his lunch! He’s exclusive to this set, so that in itself is a reason to grab it when you can. The clown is great, but there are a couple of little issues with him – his legs just aren’t secure enough, and the brick-built hat is a little odd. I like the use of the 1×1 plate with holder to make it seem like he is juggling, but the hat just looks weird. That’s the only gripe I have though. It’s a brilliant set!

Support Truck
The Support truck is pretty simple, but has some nice little details, including the tools clipped on. There is a shovel, broom, axe and torch, and just make the truck look that extra special. I like the step ups on the sides of the cab too. The tray is simple, and holds everything in place nicely. The way the Strongman tester slides underneath is genius!
I absolutely love the look of the semi when it is packed up. It looks spot on! Something I can definitely see cruising down the road. The mechanics for the dolly wheels is really clever, using the extensions to keep the ride in place when loaded on the truck, and the rack for the fences is really neat. This setup has even got some nice little mudflaps, complete with logos. The cab includes a great little bed and TV for the exhausted driver, and the space for the ride’s motor just fits in perfectly. There are also nice little brick-built doors.
Ticket Booth
The ticket booth looks great. Red and white stripes really lead the eye in. The inclusion of a set of drawers with money and tickets is also brilliant! It would have been preferable to have a printed piece for the ticket prices instead of a sticker, but you can’t have everything! It all folds up into a nice neat little box. I particularly like the lights on the sign.
Dunk tank
The dunk tank is great, and very sensitive, but I would have liked to see a bit of a rethink with the white fences to stop the ball hitting the person in the face. They tend to block the view a little during a display. Maybe a half size option would have been better, but safety first, I guess!
Strongman Tester
This one is really clever. A very simple design that looks great. I like the gold satellite dish as a bell! The hammers are great, if not way oversized, but that is what makes it fun!
The Mixer
The main attraction is where it’s at though. The thought that has gone into this is evident, with the fold up seats, complete with safety bars, the lights at the top, and the clever way it all folds up. It can be a little flimsy to fold up, but once secured, it’s pretty rigid again. It turns really smoothly, and just looks incredible.

Overall, I’m really excited with this set. This is a definite showpiece, great for all ages. Now to make the fair bigger! Let’s get some more rides going LEGO…

9.5/10 rings of the Strongman Tester! This one is really hard to find anything wrong with.

Next up for review will be the smaller sets I got with the Mixer – 40106 Toy Workshop, and 850936 Halloween Set. They are much smaller, so the review will be a quick one! 

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