10290 Pickup Review

Theme: 18+
No: 10290
Release Year: 2021
Cost: AU $199.99
Pieces: 1,677 pcs

I love the large scale vehicles that LEGO does. Not only do they look great, but they are always full of brilliant build techniques, a quality assortment of parts, and I always learn something new about LEGO. This apparently generic pickup truck was a nice surprise, as normally they’re specific with the type of vehicle being built. Even so, this one is unique in that it has a large assortment of extras to build along with the vehicle – something for every season on the farm! First we look at that car. What is it?

The good thing about having a vehicle that isn’t a strict replica of something in the real world, is you can tweak it and modify it to best suit the end user. What would LEGO vehicle fans want in a pickup truck? Well, it’s a 1950’s era truck, so there’s plenty of large, bold curves, and a big old-school V8 engine under the hood. There’s no make to align with, so less IP dramas, plus it will appeal to more people. For instance, in Australia, a die-hard Holden fan will ignore products that feature a Ford. This one appeals to the masses because it isn’t a particular model. Speaking of the 1950s, the LEGO logo (which is printed), is an actual LEGO logo from the 1950s.

For me, I love the grill on the front, using large animal claw elements. It’s a nice focal point in the vehicle. The engine bay in the middle is fairly stripped back – reminiscent of older model cars, with the engine and a radiator dominating the space, but that’s it!

At the back, there’s the tray. Built separately and added on later, similar to other flatbed vehicles I’ve seen, the top edges of the tray have a really nice design to them – they look like the looped edges for fitting a tonneau cover. They use a series of spoiler plates to really good effect. It’s also one of the many elements that appear new in dark red. Others include the large 10x2x2 curved slopes, sloped bricks, tiles and SNOT variants too.  I also like the use of tan tiles to break up the dark red – these are probably meant to represent wood. To go with the wood are the removable railings that slot nicely into the side – these are superb!

Inside the cab there’s a double seat with some clever use of tiles and slopes to get some definition in the upholstery. The stud on the seat is also for the Christmas present! Speaking of accessories, there’s something to spruce up the truck for every season.

Spring has a beautiful looking wheelbarrow with some potted flowers, and an adorable watering can! There’s even a trans-clear 1×2 tile inside it for the water. The wheelbarrow in particular is a beauty.

Summer has a brilliant milk pail and some tubs of produce – carrots in orange and new in white, plus a tub of tomatoes – the use of the red balls with the green leaves gives such a nice contrast.

Autumn has the other side of the sign, with some pumpkins in a crate – the sign can also be used for Summer. I also didn’t realise until after I’d finalised the photos that the back of the sign has “Today’s pick!” on it – I must have needed more coffee…

Lastly, Winter has a Christmas wreath that can get hung on the front of the car, and the wrapped gift that can be placed on the seat inside. The wreath was actually a pain to build – it kept falling a part on me!

I’m really impressed with this set. It might be one of the new favourites, purely for the extras you get! Sure, it’s not a fancy sports car, but it’s got character. It was a fun build and a great end result.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.