10304 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Review

Theme: Icons
No: 10304
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $249.99
Pieces: 1456

LEGO are quite skilled at choosing important cars for their large scale vehicles subtheme, and they’ve done it again with the Chevrolet Camaro Z28. In general, Camaros are some of the most iconic vehicles around. Huge movies have featured a Camaro – Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, the Fast and Furious franchise, Transformers and many more, so it’s all too fitting to include the Camaro in the theme.

The set itself is highly customisable, being able to be built in a number of variants – hard top or convertible; white, red or grey detailing; plus classic or hideaway headlights. I decided to go with the white hard top with hideaway headlights.

This set has the curves and angles in all the right places, but let’s start with the interior. It’s beautiful, in red and dark red with some simple shaping and great little details. From the 5 cent piece in the centre console, the Model Team Magazine sitting on the back seat – a great nod to a fantastic large scale vehicle theme back in the 90s, and of course, functional steering. The best interior detail has got to be the fluffy dice, perfectly represented with the new 1×1 2/3 bricks. Inside the hood there’s the 302-cubic inch 4.9 litre V8 looking super cool. It’s a more minimalistic engine bay, but works well.

The outside has some more simple detailing along the sides, but the real interest is the front and rear. Both ends are just spot on. The front splitter makes perfect use of some Technic elements, and the subtly angled grill is just awesome. It looks great, especially mixed in with the hideaway headlights. Moving up and over the bonnet and that massive scoop and going past the ice cream wing mirrors (genius) and the roof, there’s the rear of the car. The back is also beautiful. The red tail lights with a subtle pinstripe print are perfect, and I love the use of large fireman axes to frame the number plate – appropriately CHVY 69, after the 1969 Chevrolet.

You end up with a lot of extra parts – the speed stripes and fold down rear bit adds up to be a good amount of extra parts, plus the extra “P4N T3R” plate, linking back to the original name for the car – the Chevrolet Panther. I actually had a couple of scuff marks on the tiles used on the roof which was a shame, and speaking of parts, there’s a really interesting element included that holds the rear window at just the right angle – it’s known as a wheel bearing 2x4x1, and it’s normally found in very small Creator or City sets, for clipping wheels on to small vehicles. Another great example of nice parts usage.

This is a cool set for an even cooler car. When it was done I sat back and just thought “man that’s cool”. Great shaping, hardly a stud in sight, customisation, functionality. What more could you want?

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.