10,000 Supporters for NF-15B Research Aircraft

It’s been a bit slower for projects to get to the required 10,000 supporters for the second review stage for 2017, but we have another one! After Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner in May, and The Wonders of Peru in June, we’ve got NF-15B Research Aircraft by Mammalucco for July.

NF-15B Research Aircraft

This is a big model – 86 cm long, a 54cm wingspan, and weighing in at around 4 kg (9 pounds), this aircraft was used by NASA for experimental purposes, according to the creator. This is no ordinary F-15. The “N” in the name means it’s a highly modified research aircraft, that has much more maneuverability and control, more power, and a more powerful flight control computer. This is one serious aircraft. It’s now retired, but still very cool.

NF-15B Research Aircraft

The model contains around 5000 elements, so it will be interesting to see if it gets through, as it almost doubles the element limit set by LEGO Ideas. It’s a great representation of the real thing, and that colour scheme is brilliant.

LEGO Ideas Projects to come

The next three projects that are the closest to get to the 10K mark look interesting too – a Star Wars one (left over from before the new IP rules were put in place), a Pop-Up Book, and a stunning Jaguar E-Type Roadster.

I’m a particular fan of the Pop-Up Book, as I’ve modified it myself to make it bigger, and am in the process of finishing off the third variant, ready to display at Bricktober Perth in October. More information on that process later on in the year. I’ve got to keep it a secret for now!

I’ll also be giving away a couple of family passes to Bricktober Perth 2017 in the near future, so keep an eye out – it’s sure to be an incredible show.

So, get supporting! It’d be great to see these projects get the 10,000 supporters. Which projects are you a big fan of, and hope will get to the review stage?

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