2022 Speed Champions Sets Review

I’m fighting the urge to call this a speed review, but let’s take a quick look at the five different Speed Champions sets that have been released – there’s vehicles from Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Aston Martin. There’s stickers galore with these sets – it comes with the Speed Champions territory. Basically, if you’re not a fan of stickers, these aren’t the sets for you. What I will say is these are the first Speed Champions sets I’ve built in a while, and they’re much bigger, after a scale change in 2020. It’s such a great move as so much more detail can be packed in.

76906 1970 Ferrari 512 M

The Ferrari 512 M is a slick aerodynamic vehicle and it honestly looks great in LEGO form! It’s a bit square in the front, but it’s nice to have a much more unique vehicle displayed in LEGO. The minifigure comes in a red striped white racing suit with the Ferrari logo on it underneath the colours of the Italian flag. It’s a shame the helmet doesn’t match the helmet of the day though. In the 1970s, the helmets didn’t have the bar under the face.

The bold Ferrari red of the car is striking, and the sweeping tail of the car is really well done, but the red printing on the side of the headlights (transparent black 1×2 tiles with red print) doesn’t quite match the red of the body. it’s subtle, but noticeable. The rest of the shape looks excellent, however. The cockpit is narrower than the real deal, but unavoidable in the set, and the printed windscreen works well. I would have liked to see slightly bigger tyres on the back, but for what it is, it’s a great looking car.

76907 Lotus Evija

Lotus are well known for creating lightweight, nimble cars like the Elise and the Exige. Sticking with the E naming convention is the latest sports car from Lotus – the Evija, and it’s electric – a first for the manufacturer. The minifigure comes in the official Lotus test driver suit, and it looks great, complete with stitching lines.

The actual car itself is a constant flow of lines and curves – it’s almost got a liquid feel to it. It’s beautiful. It’s just not replicated in the LEGO set.

With a number of exposed studs and awkward lines, it lacks the same impact. The designers have tried, but didn’t quite get there. It’s understandable – the real deal almost doesn’t have straight lines at all. It was nice to see the new 2×3 bow element in the set, with printed headlights. These pop up more in later sets. The colour scheme is great, with the racing green and yellow stripe across the vehicle. The rear of the car is more messy than the front, with the small back window just not sitting quite right with me.

At the back of the real car are some really striking brake lights, like two halos around each of the air tunnels. The set designers have tried this with transparent red elements, but it just doesn’t stand out enough. It’s close, but needs to be bolder.

76908 Lamborghini Countach

An absolute icon of the 80s, and the quintessential 80’s sports car was the Countach. It was wild and obnoxious, with posters of the Countach appearing on many bedroom walls. This was one of my all time favourite supercars and still is today, so it was brilliant to be able to build one in LEGO. The minifigure is a little lacklustre, with a great Lambo logo’d jacket but with standard black legs. At least the black jacket inspires a bit more of the rebellious attitude the Countach conveys.

The design of this set is honestly superb. It matches really well with the real deal – crazy angles and that wide Lambo feel. You look at it and know exactly what it is. The rear especially, with the big air ducts and the rear lights are just spot on. Yes they do move a little and can get knocked out of place, but it’s so well done. I also appreciate the bold red interior. The let down with this vehicle is the windscreen. The printing doesn’t match the white – a problem common with trying to colour match a print with a part.

The rear of the vehicle is the hero of the piece, and possibly the best of the whole range. Those lights, using trans-red cones, the shaping of the white edges and the large obnoxious exhausts are fantastic. This is a cracker of a vehicle.
On to the twin sets!

76909 Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Mercedes-AMG Project One

It’s the first of the double whammy sets, with the Mercedes-AMG pair including the F1 vehicle from the 2021 season, and the Project One concept car. Now known as the One, and no longer a concept, it’s a direct embodiment of an F1 car (the engine is taken from Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 vehicle) in a street legal hypercar. It’s mental and I love it. The minifigures include two – a driver (presumably Lewis Hamilton) and a female driver with the One. Both drivers have a nice AMG logo on the back, with Lewis’ torso adorned with logos and a nice light blue stripes on the outside, and some subtle stitch lines. The female driver also comes with a teal cap and hair piece, and Lewis with some short cropped hair. Let’s first check out the F1 car. As an F1 fan, I was pretty excited about this one.

With the number 44 on it, it’s clearly Lewis Hamilton’s car we’re building, and the black and teal look absolutely fantastic. There’s not a lot to fault about this vehicle, apart from the wheels being too small. That being said, it’s not easy building something this intricate to this extent. There’s stickers galore with this one, given the range of sponsors and brands. Some of the best aspects of this set include the halo around the cockpit the shape is fantastic, and the shape of the sidepods look good too. The wheels are too small which is a shame, but the rear and front wing look great.

The stickers can be changed out for #77 if you’re a fan of Valtteri Bottas – it also comes with a yellow camera box, represented by a 1×2 yellow jumper plate. One of the nice details is the wheels. While they are too small, they do have printed wheel caps, and they’re blue, which is used to denote full wet tyres. This is nice because wet tyres have a more aggressive tread pattern, which is also on these tyres. It’s a nice link. I would not have said no to smooth tyres though!

The Project One is another tricky one, much like the Evija. The real deal has so many curves which are hard to replicate in LEGO form. That being said, I think they’ve done quite well! The fin in the middle looks great, using a tail fin on a hinge tilted just so. It works really well. I like the side skids on the car – the whole vehicle looks menacing and very sporty.

The front grille looks brilliant, and the AMG logo is printed on the tile, so the print goes all the way to the edge. There’s also a Mercedes logo sticker on the dash, which is funnily enough quite appropriate. In order to reduce as much drag as possible on the actual One, the logo is airbrushed on for optimal bonnet smoothness. Crazy! The rear of the car is angular and mean looking, with the big exhaust in the middle. I really like it.

One final niggle (and it’s so minor) is that the air intake at the top looks good, but it’s meant to have a gap between the roof and the bottom of the intake. I think this could have been done with a longer sloped tile, but never mind. This is one of the strongest sets in the 2022 range. I’m very impressed! On to the final one – Aston Martin!

76910 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Aston Martin Vantage GT3

One of my all time favourite car manufacturers is Aston Martin, so these are big highlights for me! These two vehicles have some serious included detail. Both minifigures – a female and a spectacled male have the Aston Martin Racing suits on and they look great – one in grey, one in lime green. The rest is identical.

The Valkyrie AMR Pro is Aston Martin’s answer to a track ready F1-esque monster. The Valkyrie is the street legal version, the AMR Pro is the track only, and it’s completely insane. What a car! Sleek, angular and just intimidating, this car is an absolute beast, and the LEGO set, while it has some issues, is still very good in my opinion. The front splitter is a bit more accentuated, and the issue of smooth but subtle curves is impossible to do, but the fin down the rear spine of the car is great, as is the colour.
I like how they’ve captured the crazy rear spoiler wrapping around the car. The shape of the body that wraps around the cockpit is nicely done, but the small wheels do let the set down. Stickers also let it down with the standard colour matching issue. It’s also a very long car, longer than the rest. The way this set comes together is very clever, with the front end clipping on with pins and click hinges.

The cockpit also looks good, and is quite accurate to the real car as it tapers in nicely.

The Vantage GT3 is a beauty. It’s mean and sporty. The profile looks good and quite accurate, with curves and vents in the right places. The windscreen prints are good at the colour matching for once! The rear looks phenomenal with some clever SNOT used to get the tail lights just right. The Aston Martin logo is also a printed piece. The big rear spoiler is a big tick. This was one build I couldn’t fault.

That’s it! What do we think? What are your favourites? Let me know your thoughts!

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