2023 Avatar Sets Revealed

LEGO has just unveiled five more sets from the up-coming Avatar: Way of the Water film, and they’re very interesting! Let’s check them out one by one. They’ll be available from January 1, with the movie coming to cinemas earlier, on December 16th.

75575 Ilu Discovery
179 pcs | AU $39.99 | US $24.99

Dive into the ocean of Pandora with this beautiful LEGO® Avatar Ilu Discovery set. Join Tsireya and Tuk for exciting underwater adventures. Recreate your favorite movie scenes and play out your own stories. Use your Na’vi kuru to connect with the ilu and hold tight as you glide and soar over the colorful coral reefs of the Pandoran seabed.

What’s interesting about these minifigures is the leg sizes – the others in the theme have had extra long legs (which we’ll see in some other sets in this release), but these are the smaller variants. I like how the hair clips in to the antennae things.

75576 Skimwing Adventure
259 pcs | AU $49.99 | US $24.99

Use the power of the Na’vi kuru to bond with the ferocious skimwing and hold tight as you glide through the coral-rich Pandoran ocean. Join Jake Sully and the Metkayina clan leader, Tonowari, for exciting ocean adventures. Recreate your favorite movie scenes and play out your own storylines. Explore the magic of Pandora with this beautiful LEGO® Avatar set.

I love the wing colours, and the pastels in the coral! So beautiful.

75577 Mako Submarine
553 pcs | AU $89.99 | US $59.99

A Mako submarine, piloted by the evil RDA Quaritch, is patrolling the coral-rich seabed of the Pandoran ocean. Hide in the underwater cave where you can plan a way to free the Sully family’s human friend Spider from the sub! Join Na’vi heroes Neteyam and Ao’nung for action-packed adventures, recreate epic movie scenes and play out your own stories with this amazing LEGO® Avatar Mako Submarine set.

This one looks really cool. More stunning colours and interesting parts in the coral, plus a unique new arrow shooting bow! Very cool. Teal bananas!

75578 Metkayina Reef Home
528 pcs | AU $129.99 | US $79.99

Travel to the alien moon of Pandora. Join Neytiri, Kiri, Ronal and Tonowari at the Metkayina village, located by Pandora’s ocean reefs and suspended from the massive Pandoran mangrove-like trees. Paddle the Metkayina canoe and explore the colorful coral. Recreate your favorite movie moments, play out scenes and create your own storylines with this beautiful LEGO® Avatar set.

Those printed plastic coverings look interesting, and I love the look of the spearhead!

75579 Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit
761 pcs | AU $159.99 | US $99.99

Join Lo’ak and Tsireya for an undersea Pandoran adventure, where a menacing RDA trooper is exploring the seabed in a powerful and transformable crabsuit submersible. Hold tight to Payakan the tulkun as you speed through the water to safety. Relive favorite movie moments, create epic scenes and play out exciting storylines with this impressive LEGO® Avatar set.

What a great looking whale! It’s a shame the head element is a moulded piece, I would have liked to see it more brick built, but the rest is, so that’s a win.

That’s all of them! Let me know what you think in the comments!