21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V is NOT Retiring

There has been some rumours floating around recently that the lack of Saturn Vs in stores means that it’s retiring early. These are not true.

21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V

Below is a statement from LEGO, reported on the LEGO Ambassadors Network:

It has come to our attention that rumours have again surfaced claiming that the LEGO® Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V has been retired from production. As communicated in our July 11 blog post, we would like to re-assure you and the rest of our fans that the LEGO Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V set has NOT been retired and will not be retiring anytime soon either, as we wish to offer the chance for many more fans to get the opportunity to purchase a copy of the set. Although we fully acknowledge and understand the frustrations of our fans who have been waiting to purchase this set, please know that our teams are working tirelessly to ensure that the set will be available as soon as possible and therefore request that everyone only share information concerning availability from a verified source, such as the LEGO Ideas Team, the LEGO Shop or the LEGO Customer Service.

So, folks, bottom line – don’t trust everything you read on the internets. The Saturn V is not retiring! We just need to be patient.

There’s been lots of leaks and rumours floating around recently, which, to be honest, really annoy me. First and foremost, it’s not in line with what LEGO wishes from us – it hurts them. If they want to keep things a secret, we should respect that, and not re-share any photos or information. It also ruins the impact for those of us that are able to report on it with press releases and official info.

Remember – leaks and rumours only help those copy companies like Lepin to quickly reproduce sets illegally, and in a rubbish quality. Don’t help leaks spread – it’s not cool, and it takes away the fun of anticipating the actual news! To me, and many others, it’s not the worst thing in the world to wait for the legit news from LEGO, instead of looking at rubbish, pixelated pictures from catalogues halfway around the world. Surely it’s better to see the hi-res images when they are released from LEGO, at their time – not stolen from them by someone simply wanting attention.

If you see something and you aren’t sure if the claim is legit, get in touch with me and I can verify it’s legitimacy by contacting LEGO through the Ambassador Network.

End rant! Needed to get that off my chest.

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