21325 Medieval Blacksmith Review

Theme: LEGO Ideas
No: 21325
Release Year: 2021
Cost: AU $249.99
Pieces: 2164 pcs (with 4 minifigures)

The range available in LEGO Ideas these days is pretty amazing. We’ve seen pianos, spacecraft, vehicles, a typewriter, and now Castle themed builds with 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, but after all the furore about how much it deviates from the original submission by Clemens Fielder, how does it stack up?

While I was alive for the Classic Castle run back in the day, I was more into Pirates and Space, so never got any of the Castle sets, so this was rather exciting to build. After reading the commentary about the set, and how people didn’t like it because it differed too much, I was honestly a little pessimistic about building it, but I’m so glad I did, as it’s a stunner.

The minifigures include the blacksmith, an archer, and two Black Falcon knights! It’s so great to see these get a return. The blacksmith has a leather apron and bushy beard and carries a hammer. He’s also got a happy and alternative concentration face on his head. The archer carries a bow and has a beautiful hair element, with two tone legs and an alternate aiming face, with one eye closed. Great head choices so far.

The Black Falcons, hailing from the late 80s look absolutely phenomenal, with some stunning updates to the print. There’s a male and female, with the female wearing a detailed headband. The shoulder armour look great too, but slightly oversized if anything. They’ve got helmets, a sword, a shield and a halberd between them. There’s also a couple of animals – a husky and a tan horse, with the moveable rear legs. It’s so good! It’s also got a printed bridle, and some spares to fill the harness gap when it’s off.

With three detailed levels and a beautiful aesthetic, this set ends up being a lot larger than I thought, at 30cm wide and around 28cm tall. There’s a stone built basement and forge level with a twisted apple tree at the bottom level, with an overhanging wooden and brick built building on top. The tree also has a hidden target for the archer to shoot at. The stonework on the corners of the building and around the doors and forge are beautiful and perfectly finished off, especially the corner sections, how they overlap just slightly to line up around the corner. Also around the back is a pumpkin patch, underneath the arches that hold the upper floor in place. 

The forge uses a light brick to make it glow, and the outside, using the larger anvil and bellows, along with the printed sign, just look gorgeous. I love that to “light” the fire, the bellows have to be pushed!

The timber detailing on the outside is spot on, and the cleanness of the white and tan bricks leads perfectly into the vivid pop of blue tiling using a whole lot of Nexo Knights shield elements. I’m not sure whether the sand green areas are meant to be oxidised copper or moss – I think it’s the latter as I don’t think the tiles are meant to be painted copper, but it does look good. There’s also a small section of wooden thatching, where some of the tiles seem to have broken off.

Before heading inside, there’s also the horse-drawn carriage for the two Black Falcon knights – simple, but a perfect accompaniment to the set.

The interior details are just beautiful, especially down in the forge. A seemingly simple area is filled with the most perfect details. A pile of coals for the forge, another anvil with a piece of hot metal on it, ready to be crafted and shaped, a grindstone and some finished products as well. In under the stairs leading up is a very neat woodpile. I’m very happy I have more of the woodgrain 1×1 tiles now!

Upstairs is the dining room with some very suitable chairs (using axes as backrests). It looks like we’ve interrupted dinner! I love the carrot being cut up and the old looking stove with the swing arm. There’s also a beautiful keg hidden under the stairs.

Upstairs in the attic is the bedroom containing a writing desk, ornate bed, chest and a bear skin rug! This in particular is fantastic! The roof panel can come off, sitting neatly but loose in the cradle of the roof. There’s also two different angles in the roof, which is nice to break it up.

This is a truly beautiful build, with plenty of detail. I’m a big fan, and while the original submission was stunning, this is honestly still a great set. For AU $250, this is well worth the purchase.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.

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  1. Blake Kemp

    Great review! I had no interest in the fan design, but when it was announced it became a must have. My son and I built it last school holidays and despite living in “my” display case, it often comes out for some story telling.

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