40411 Creative Fun 12in1 Review

Theme: Creator
No: 40411
Release Year: 2020
Cost: Gift With Purchase
Pieces: 240 pieces

LEGO are fans of giving us presents for buying stuff. Known as the “gift with purchase”, previous GWPs have been great, and I reckon this is one of those. Unfortunately I missed the boat with this one – I initially heard that it wasn’t going to be available in Australia, but now it appears it was, but only from July 1 to 9! Oops. Well, here’s my brief thoughts anyway.

As it says, there’s 12 builds in this box, and the builds themselves are very nice. There’s a mixture of subjects. It’s one of those sets that when in the hands of a younger LEGO fan, will hopefully inspire them to do something a little more different than the usual sets. Let’s take a quick look one by one.

First up is a simple pineapple. The centre is SNOT, and while the shaping isn’t perfectly circular, it totally works. The green leaves are spot on.

Following on in the food subject we get a couple of simple cherries with a hinge plate connecting them, plus a brilliant watermelon slice. This was one of my favourite builds.

The all time favourite in the set was easily the ice-cream. The bite out of the top was very cleverly done.

There’s a little duck that can be ridden, made up of sloped yellow tiles. I’m guessing it can be ridden as the back isn’t finished. It’s very cute.

The sand castle was a little stranger, but effective. It can also be positioned in two variants, thanks to the hinge plates.

We go to a nautical theme next, with a couple of boats. The first is a sailing ship with some very thick sails. The windows at the back of the boat are a nice touch.

The windsurfer was very clever. The ‘wave’ was brilliant.

Next up is a very tall flamingo with a brilliant hairdo! The shaping of this overall was perfect.

Heading under water we get a parrotfish with some superb shaping in the ‘beak’ and the tail, plus a seahorse. This one honestly took me a few minutes to figure out. The head threw me off.

Lastly, there’s a parrot – this was another favourite of mine. It’s very cute and full of bright pops of colour.

The builds are simple, show some very clever techniques and are not a chore to build – something perfect to just pass the time. If you want to make them all, you’ll need to keep that brick separator handy as they’ll all need to be dismantled to build the others.

I ended up giving the set to my 3 year old daughter to play with, and she’s loved making crazy little builds with all of the bright and pretty parts. This was a fun one. It’s a shame it’s no longer available! If you can find the instructions I’d recommend taking a look and making a few yourself.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.

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