40533 Cosmic Cardboard Adventures Gift With Purchase Official Reveal

A fun GWP that’s just been made available is a cute little LEGO Ideas set called Cosmic Cardboard Adventures! This is actually the winning build of a competition run on the LEGO Ideas site back in February and March 2021, called Out of This World Space Builds.

Being a theme that brings some seriously passionate fans, the competition ended up receiving some seriously good entries. The winning one was The Adventures of the USS Cardboard, by bulldoozer, who also designed 21324 123 Sesame Street.

It’s not changed a lot between the original submission and the final set. If anything, it’s been improved slightly, with room for more details to be added.

In order to qualify for this set, you’ll need to spend US $160 / €160 / £160 / AU$ 229 on any theme between May 16th and May 30th.

Let’s check out the set. It depicts a young kid in his bedroom with his amazing looking cardboard spaceship! There’s also a pair of scissors, a paint brush and pot, and some green army men, plus a mech for the teddy! The back of the room has a couple of blue walls with some partial curtains and some stars and a rocket on them as well. It’s a simple build with 11 stickers, so it’s a lot, but it definitely helps to sell the cardboard look. The open flaps at the back, the plungers on the side as rocket boosters, and even the little seat for the cat, it’s all just so cute and very well executed.

The mech for the teddy is super simple but a lot of fun. There’s a blaster and a whisk included for the teddy to wield. I can just imagine this little guy running around, excitedly raiding the different cupboards and drawers in the house to get supplies for his build. He’s even wearing a brilliant LEGO 918 One Man Space Ship tee!

This was a fun little build, and perfectly embodies LEGO’s fun play aspect. My daughter built this one with me, and she was one excited 4 year old when she realised what it was. “Dad! I make those too!”.  If you get a chance to score this one, it’s worth it.