4993: Cool Convertible Review

Theme: Creator
No: 4993
Release Year: 2008
Cost: AUD$69.99 (retired set)
Pieces: 648
This one is another Creator 3 in 1 build, although I only built the A model, the convertible. It’s called the Cool Convertible, and cool it is! I had a lot of fun building this one. It’s got some great aspects to it, but also some not so great ones. Let’s take a look at it closer.

Elements: 8
This set has a lot of white, in a lot of different shapes. The hard to find elements in this set are the large dark red arches that make up the front of the vehicle, and those nice low profile tyres. It’s not all white though. Dark red and the blue for the very nice looking seats, and plenty of black make it a very nice looking vehicle.
Swooshability: 7
The car’s got an inbuilt level of swooshability, seeing as it’s a car, but there isn’t too much aside from the driving it up and down the carpet. The front bonnet section opens up to reveal the engine, the doors open in a very nice, smooth fashion, and the back hatch opens and flips up or down the roof. This is quite a nice fluid movement, but it does mean there are some issues with the design – I’ll get to that later. There’s no steering mechanism unfortunately, so it gets deducted a point for that. Admittedly, there isn’t that much else that a car like this is meant to do, maybe I’m just being picky.
Build: 9
I thoroughly enjoyed this build. There’s something for everyone – Technic mechanisms, a little simple SNOT, and some cool bits and bobs I never thought to use to get the desired effect. The doors in particular were brilliant to put together. They use a turntable plate to hinge the bottom together, but you don’t realise it until the door goes on. The base of the turntable plates are positioned first, with the turntables attached to the doors. I was wondering what the deal was when I was putting it together, and it’s really clever. I’ve never used a turntable plate like that before. The model is very strong, and would sit quite well with the other larger model vehicles that LEGO has produced over the years.
Design / Appearance: 8
The colour scheme is understated, but really effective, so that’s a plus. I love the curvature of the vehicle. Getting curves right in vehicles can be tricky, but this one is great. The use of the roof plate as a bonnet scoop is genius. The windscreen frame is a little flimsy, as it can be twisted out of proportions, but it’s easily fixed. The doors look brilliant – easily the best vehicle doors I’ve put together so far. The only issue, and the reason it’s not a higher score, is the rear of the car. Because of the Technic mechanism to raise and lower the roof (which in and of itself is extremely clever), it means there are some unsightly gaps in the body. It’s a shame that they’re there, but it does mean there is no knocking of parts when the roof is lowered or raised. I think it was a little bit of give and take when designing this one. When the roof is raised, it still looks good. Nice and sleek and sporty.
Value for Money / Collectibility: 8
This set has dropped a little in value for the used items recently, sitting at around $10 lower than the original release price. If you’re looking at getting one new, expect to pay almost double.
It’s probably a good set to have for the collection, as, like I mentioned above, would sit nicely with other larger vehicles like the Kombi, Mini (both of which will be getting reviewed later in the year), Beetle and Ferrari. Value for money will depend on whether you pay for a used or new set. It’s a big difference, but if you’re lucky, you can get it for a pretty great price.
Overall: 40/50

Next week I’ll be reviewing 8295: Telescopic Handler from the Technic theme. This one was a big one. I’d love to know what you thought of the review! Get in touch in the comments below.

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