60076: Demolition Site Review

Theme: City
No: 60076
Release Year: 2015
Cost: AUD$95.00
Pieces: 776 (with 5 minifigures)
Of all the City sets to come out this year, the Construction subtheme has to be my favourite. There’s plenty to look at, tools galore, and lots of destruction! 60076: Demolition Site is the biggest of the lot, so let’s get straight into it.
Out of the box you will find six bags of parts, four instruction manuals, two 8×16 grey plates and a sticker sheet.

Parts & Minifigures
This set has a truckload of parts, many of which are brand new. Most come from the big demolition crane. There’s the cross axle and crane arms, as well as the wrecking ball, which is made from a slightly softer plastic. There is also a few parts from other vehicles, such as the rear wheel covers from the tipper truck, and the same from the front end loader. All of these parts are new in bright yellow. The wrecking ball is brand new, never seen before, so if you want one, get this set! Other interesting parts include a couple of lengths of string, one with knobs and one without, more caterpillar tracks, and plenty of building materials! There’s even a rat.

As far as the spares go, there’s a fair bit of decent stuff. Some 3×1 tiles in tan, a printed timer tile, more caterpillar tracks (not necessarily spares) and more. Check the photo – there’s a lot to list!

This build has lots going for it! There’s plenty to look at, and a lot of playability. Firstly, lets look at the building being demolished.

The left part (in red bricks) is able to be knocked over pretty smartly with the use of yellow lever at the right. Underneath the structure, running across the baseplate is the string with knobs I mentioned earlier.
The string is under strain, so pressing the lever at the right will pull the cord, and a fancy mechanism made from springs and a few Technic parts. It ends up pushing the walls out and knocking them down. It’s a very clever setup, with green and yellow tiles to pair up where the walls are supposed to slot in. There’s also a little leaking toilet and rat.
The next part is the brown part, which is all for the wrecking ball crane. Pretty simple, knock it over with the ball! It’s a pretty heavy ball. Finally, there’s the chain around the corner of the building. Pick it up the bucket of the front end loader and pull it off. The corner and the door mechanism are held in place by simple jumper plates, so it stays there enough, but a little momentum will send them flying!

Ok, the vehicles! First up is the front end loader.

This vehicle is pretty great. Big tyres, a nice big bucket, and some good articulation in the middle. It looks pretty smart.

Next up is the dump truck.
It’s a pretty simple build, with some smaller tyres, and a nice simple dumping mechanism. The whole set looks very Tonka-esque.

Finally, the crane.

This vehicle is really impressive. A nice, smooth winch for the ball, it’s got great hieght to it, and again, is very articulated. I’m not sure why the cab is only held in with a Technic pin, but it still looks really good.
It’s a really great set. It’s good to build with others as the different bits can be build by other people, the playability is genius. The string mechanism is really clever, and the vehicles are some good inclusions. It’s a pretty pricey set – I’d like to get a bit more for $95, maybe some more in the  building itself, but the minifigures are good. This set gets 8.5 out of 10 wrecking balls. 

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