60201 City Advent Calendar Review

As per usual, with all three of the 2018 Advent Calendars, I’ll be updating this post daily. Each day will have an image of the day’s build, a quick comment, with a final overall review at the end of the month. If you want to keep up to date with the post, use the link to the right of the page – it’ll be there for the duration of December. I won’t be posting any pics on social media, so it won’t get spoilt by me!

Theme: Seasonal; City
No: 60201
Release Year: 2018
Cost: AUD $49.95
Pieces: 313 (with six minifigures)

Once again the box is chock full of spoilers. Attention LEGO Advent Calendar designers – stop spoiling it for us! There’s (possibly) 14 days spoiled already! It’s over half the set! Give us some drawings, not the actual build. It’s a little ridiculous this year.

60201 City Advent Calendar

The display stand looks like it’s going away from a home scene, to a toy store, with four display stands by the windows, and an assortment of activities on the floor – a road/runway, a soccer pitch, and a train track with a helipad. 

Day 1: Space Shuttle

It kicks off with a little Space Shuttle and boosters. We’ve started off well! The boosters look especially good, and go nicely with the black and white of the shuttle.

There’s even three trans orange studs at the rear to represent flames – it’s excellent. Day 1 done!

Day 2: Boy with Coin

We’ve already reached our first minifigure, and it’s a young boy with a silver coin. He looks pretty happy with himself, as he wanders in to the toy shop to presumably spend his Christmas money. Unfortunately it’s slim pickings at the moment. I hope that shuttle is cheap enough!

I didn’t take another photo, but he’s also got a second face – biting his lip in a worried look, like he’s not got enough for the present he wants. the printing on the puffer jacket is great, front and back. 

Day 3: F1 Car

Today we’ve got a little red F1 car, and it looks superb. The oversized wheels and steering wheel indicate it’s meant for a kid (probably yesterday’s minifigure), but the best parts are the front and rear wings. It’s a model we’ve not seen in recent years, and I reckon it’s a ripper. 

Day 4: Dog with Drumstick

While it’s a good inclusion today, it’s a shame there’s no building. I emptied the bag into my hand and the drumstick fell onto the plate! The husky is brilliant. I love these animals – they’ve all got unique printing – so it’s great to get another one. The white dish is also an excellent inclusion. We’ve seen these in yellow millions of times before, but it only appears in white in one other set – 70922 The Joker Manor – so this is fantastic.

Day 5: Sled

We’ve got a rather simple (but effective) sled today. It’s a little more homemade than what we’ve seen in advent calendars before, but I love the use of the minifigure skates instead of the larger ones seen in previous years. The little chunk of snow is a funny addition – is it a jump for the sled? Who knows! It’s certainly more building than we saw yesterday, but not a great deal. Maybe tomorrow will be a little more complex.

Day 6: Snowman

Snowmen are pretty much a staple in a City Advent Calendar set, but this time we’re going to a build method not seen since the 2013 calendar – using a white minifigure torso. I quite like it! It’s wearing a scarf and top hat, and there’s a hot chocolate out for someone (as snowmen can’t drink them). The use of the rounded 2×2 brick is also very effective. It’s also a bonus to get an all white minifigure torso!

Day 7: Lady with Shovel

We’ve got our second minifigure today – a lady with a shovel. She’s wearing a light blue top, lavender scarf and white gloves. The torso’s beautiful, and hasn’t been seen for a while. It appears in three other sets, all from varied themes, so it’s a good addition.

Day 8: Drone

Over the last few years, LEGO has caught on with the latest craze of drones, releasing a number of sets including them. The advent calendar is now no exception, and I have to say, this quadcopter drone and remote looks great! The use of steering wheels as rotors is clever, and I love the use of trans elements in the red and green lights. It’s simple, but extremely effective. It’s definitely the new favourite in the set so far for me.

Day 9: Street Lamp

Like the snowman, there’s always a street lamp in the City Advent Calendar, and they’re always a little different. I quite like the top of this one – it’s very clean, and the shape is great. The way the holly is done is very elegant, although that clip should be black. It’s a little big, but looks great, and is definitely Christmas!

Day 10: Soccer Goals

I love today’s build! It’s simple, but works well. Soccer (or football) goals and a ball are an excellent inclusion, and there’s even a special place on the mat for them. It’s a pity the ball isn’t a ball but a Technic ball joint, but the goals are great.

Day 11: Train

Today we’ve got a train for our train track! It’s actually a microscale version of an actual set – 60197 Passenger Train. I love this idea – I’d love to see a whole advent calendar of microbuilds of actual sets. The colours of this set (although you can’t see them in the photo – sorry) are great, with yellow and dark blue. It’s also good to see the tracks match the width of the train. 

Day 12: Ice Cream Machine

It’s a little odd, but at the halfway mark today, we get a great looking ice cream machine. It’s design is simple but obvious, and I like the ice cream on top. Onto the second half tomorrow!

Day 13: Girl with Ice Cream

Continuing on from yesterday’s ice cream machine, we’ve got a girl who’s just got an ice cream. She’s got a nice Christmassy top on, but it’s one we’ve seen plenty of times. I do like the hair though, and another ice cream is always welcome!

Day 14: Presents

The presentas have come early! They’re simple, but very cool. I especially like the little stocking. A fun little build.

Day 15: Christmas Tree

Today’s build was a bit of a surprise, as the last few Advent Calendars I’ve built have left the Christmas Tree to the last day. It’s a fairly standard tree, with similar build concepts to previous years, but the additions of the red 2×2 round plates are a nice touch, and the golden minifigure trophy is fantastic, as well as a spare!

Day 16: Pastry Cart

I was quite impressed with today’s build of a pastry cart, with some cupcakes. It’s got a good amount of detail, and uses some round 2×2 tiles as wheels. They don’t turn, but it looks effective! A few pearl gold elements are always welcome too.

Day 17: Pastry Chef

This is nice! To go with yesterday’s Pastry Cart, we’ve got the Pastry Chef. He’s whipped up a batch of goodies, and all in his knitted sweater. It hasn’t appeared in many sets at all, so it’s excellent to have another one. Plus, you can’t have too many cookies!

Day 18: Monster Truck

LEGO’s gone with another micro version of a set released this year – 60180 Monster Truck. The body of the vehicle is pretty spot on, with a white bullbar, orange and blue on the body, and even the scoop and engine poking through the bonnet. They’ve even got the little dirt jump! Where they’ve gone awry is with the massive wheels. Skateboard wheels aren’t big enough, so it looks rather comical. It’s a shame, but it is still excellent to get a microscale set depiction.

Day 19: RC Cars

Today we’ve got a couple of RC cars and controllers, one in red, one in blue. They look very simple, but are fantastic! The instructions were a little confusing though – it has the red car built, but the blue car split in half, with no arrow to say to connect them. It took a bit of figuring out, but it should have been easier. They’ve got a bit of a TRON vibe to them too. Only 5 days to go!

Day 20: Digger

According to set descriptions found online, this is a digger, although it looks more like a large jackhammer with that arrow on the end. Either way, it’s a great little build, and works really well together. The colours are vibrant and the little caterpillar tracks are great. Another fun toy for the toy shop!

Day 21: Street Lamp with Clock

Sorry for the delay with Day 21’s entry – I was at my work Christmas party until very late last night, and went straight to bed! Day 21 in City brings a candy cane shaped street lamp, with a clock hanging on it. I wouldn’t exactly call it a street lamp, but the clock is a great bonus! It’s only been seen in three other sets, and not ones that are all that affordable to get your hands on, so having this included is excellent. It’s a beautiful looking print.

Day 22: Robot

Today’s build is fantastic! The little toy robot (and the teeny tiny skyscraper) is so exciting, and it looks spot on. The head shaping, the red claw hands and my favourite element – the wind-up element at the back – all amount to the best build in the whole set.

Day 23: Helicopter

We’ve had a number of actual LEGO sets but miniaturised in this set, and today is another one – a mini version of 60179 Ambulance Helicopter. It’s fantastic! The shaping is superb, and while it’s a shame it’s got no skis or wheels, it would have looked ridiculous with them. I love it! One more day!

Day 24: Santa

Today we don’t really get a surprise at all. I mean, of course it was going to be Santa! I really like this minifigure, and the present sack is always great to have. He’s been seen before, and he’ll be seen again, but it’s still a good addition to the army of Santas that’s slowly growing in my collection.

So that’s all we’ve got! There’s been a few highlights for me this year – the micro sets, the drone and the robot are all clear winners, with the dull ones including the sleigh and the dog and drumstick. Either way, I’m looking forward to next year! What have been your standouts and duds? Let me know in the comments.