60235 City Advent Calendar Review

As per usual, with all four of the 2019 Advent Calendars, I’ll be updating this post daily. Each day will have an image of the day’s build, a quick comment, with a final overall review at the end of the month. If you want to keep up to date with the post, use the link to the right of the page – it’ll be there for the duration of December. I won’t be posting any pics on social media, so it won’t get spoilt by me!

Theme: Seasonal; City
No: 60235
Release Year: 2019
Cost: AUD $49.95
Pieces: 234 (with eight minifigures)

This year the box art seems to be a bit of an improvement. There are less visible builds on the cover, which is good. I like surprises!

City Advent Calendar
City Advent Calendar display mat

The display stand is similar to previous years, with a frozen lake, a few trees and some builds on the ground, and then a hut and some snowy hills as well.

Day 1: Snowplough

City Day 1

It kicks off with a little snowplough. I like it – it’s simple and not a design we’ve seen before. The wheels, using Technic gears, just don’t roll that well, which is a pity.

Day 2: Catapult

City Day 2

Today we have the obligatory snow catapult. We get one in every City Advent Calendar. This one isn’t too bad. The best thing is the medium azure catapult. It’s been in a few sets over the last three years, but rather random ones. It’s the first one of this colour that I’ve got, so I’m happy.

Day 3: Curling Sweeper

City Day 3

Sorry this one is a bit late! We’ve got our first minifigure for City 2019, with what I can only assume to be the sweeper for curling crew. We’ve got a curling sheet laid out on the ice, so this guy must be the sweeper. I like is outfit! He’s also got an alternative expression on the other side – a big beaming grin! He must have done well at the game.

Day 4: Snow Castle

This is a bit of a boring one, but the 1×1 trans light blue pyramids at the top are a nice score.

Day 5: Log & Axe

This is both a little dull and a little exciting. The log is a nice idea, but it was a prime opportunity to have the printed log end tile on it. The axe, seen this year in a few of the City Fire sets looks awesome! It’s my first one and I’m very happy.

Day 6: Christmas Tree

City Day 6

We’ve got yet another design of a Christmas tree! I don’t mind this one. There’s not a lot of decoration on it, and I’m not sure the sai really fits at the top. It’s nice, but a little jarring.

Day 7: Boy with Cookie and Propeller Cap

City Day 7

While the boy is very standard, the cookie is nice, but the propeller cap is excellent! There’s only been four sightings of the little propeller (Donut Shop, Fun Fair People Pack, this calendar and now the new Modular Bookshop), so another one is great!

Day 8: Christmas Presents

City Day 8

It’s a simple build today, with three Christmas presents of varying colours and shapes. The orange present is solid LEGO, so no space inside for small things. The orange parts are 1×2 bricks.

Day 9: Snowman

It’s not a City Advent Calendar without another repeat of the snowman with maybe one brick different. Compared to the Friends one yesterday, this is a little dull. I do like the hat though.

Day 10: Female Photographer

City Day 10

We’ve got a good one today! A female photographer in a beanie and scarf. The scarf is the best thing, as it’s rare, and we get two of them! A spare scarf was very exciting in our house today.

Day 11: Curling Stones

Our curling sweeper from Day 3 has some stones to play with now! It’s been around for a while, this strange game. Players launch the stones down the ice (they’re heavy), and the sweeper polishes the ice to make the stone go faster or slower. The idea is to get as close to the centre of the rings, called the ‘house’, as possible. I love the idea of the rings printed on the display mat. Really clever.

Day 12: Rocking Chair, Table and Lamp

Another simple build at the halfway point. I don’t actually mind the rocking chair – it’s rather effective! The table is a little lacking though.

Day 13: Elderly Lady with Book

When I saw Day 13’s build, I immediately thought “a librarian? That’s weird”. No, it’s not a librarian. Just a grandma with a book and a very nice knitted cardigan! I really like this one, and that cardigan is rather rare. Another book is also always good.

Day 14: Milk and Cookies

Today we’ve got the classic milk and cookies for Santa. I love this. It’s clever – I love the glass of milk! The candle is a little short though.

Day 15: Snowmobile

This isn’t bad – a snowmobile. It’s pretty good, although the tracks at the back could be longer, and why are there no headlights?

Day 16: Cooking Stove

This is a weird one. I get that it’s a stove, but what’s with the pancake/pizza base projectile underneath? It’s a little odd. Also, why only one stove top burner when there is room for two?

Day 17: Elderly Man with Fire Extinguisher

We’ve got another weird one – I’m not sure what’s caught on fire! It could be yesterday’s stove, it could be the candle from Santa’s snacks, but it’s not good! I’m liking that torso print though. We’ve seen it before, but not regularly!

Day 18: Christmas Dinner Table

Now this I like! A lovely dinner table setting, with some salad, a turkey leg and a glass. So good!

Day 19: Grandfather Clock

The clock face tile is beautiful, but man the rest of the clock is boring!

Day 20: Snowboarder

This snowboarding girl looks great! The hoodie is very nice, and the hat! That’s a great inclusion.

Day 21: Telescope

Today we’ve got a simple telescope with stand. It looks good! Only a few days to go…

Day 22: Fireplace

This is a great little fireplace. The building sections are simple, but what makes it for me is the fire, using transparent orange teeth 1×1 plates. These are usually seen in white. It’s a very clever way to do fire!

Day 23: Dog and Sled

Another common item in the City advent calendars are the huskies. These are some of my favourite little animals as they’re all slightly different from each other. What is concerning is how the sled is tied to the pup. It’s not fantastic! One day to go…

Day 24: Santa

Surprise, surprise, it’s Santa! He’s got a sack with a present in it, but it’s one he can carry on his back – a little different to previous years.

This year’s calendar hasn’t been too bad – we’ve had a few dull inclusions, but for the most part it’s been ok. My favourites would be the Christmas dinner setting, the fireplace and the curling stones.

Thanks so much to all of you for reading along! I hope you have a great Christmas Day, and that there’s lots of LEGO under the tree!