70423 Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 Review

Theme: Hidden Side
No: 70423
Release Year: 2019
Cost: AU $99.99
Pieces: 689 (with five minifigures)

I built this one late last year, but after being so busy with work, I’ve not had the time to sit down and write! That ends now. The Hidden Side Bus (to be honest, I didn’t know it had a longer name) was one of the more intriguing Hidden Side sets to come out last year.

Without all of the weird and wacky Hidden Side attachments and with a couple of modifications, this bus would fit in perfectly in a City scene, so I thought I’d give it a quick review.

This time around we’ve got some variants on our two heroes, Jack and Parker. We’ve also got Professor J.B. Watt and two construction workers (who end up getting haunted) Bill and Nanna. Nanna is an interesting name – I wonder who comes up with these?

70423 Minifigures

Anyway, Jack has on a red sports jacket with silver buttons. The white hood and red cap look good, but it’s not meant to suit this style of torso, so it’s a little odd. You can kind of get away with it if you imagine the hood belongs to the white shirt underneath. Jack has both a determined and shocked face to swap between. Jack is also accompanied by Spencer, his ghost dog. I love this little thing.

Parker’s wearing a denim (probably) jacket and jeans, with embroidered patches on the torso, both back and front, and tears on the jeans. She’s also wearing her usual bright light yellow beanie. Parker has a smile and a surprised alternate face.

Professor J.B. Watts has lavender hair and some goggles and some excellent printing on both legs and torso. With badges, a pen, belts, a USB and a LEGO Frankenstein’s Monster t-shirt, it looks fantastic. She’s also got some dirt on her face in an alternate print. The Professor, Jack and Parker all have mobile phone printed 1×2 tiles as well. The professor’s in particular is a little different, coming with a pink pistol, which has only been seen in one other set before – 75973 D.Va & Reinhardt from Overwatch.

70423 Minifigures

The construction workers aren’t any ordinary construction workers – these two not only are possessed, but have some excellent prints. Each has stained dark tan pants, two fluoro vests, but where it gets different is with the t-shirts underneath. Bill has a white crocodile on is (maybe a link to the one in 70419 Wrecked Shrimp Boat, and Nanna has a cheeky little hidden Blacktron logo! Maybe she’s a LEGO fan? The possessed versions of these two are equally as cool, with crazy neon green hair and beard. They’re terrifying.

70423 Portaloo

The build includes a portaloo – another great addition to the collection. This one has a few additional extras – namely eyes, teeth and with some modifications, legs. The best thing about this monster though, is the disc shooter that launches reddish brown discs. Yep, it’s a poo flinging portaloo! Brilliant. Kids are going to think that’s hilarious. I certainly did!

70423 Bus

We don’t see many yellow busses like these in Australia, but I’m assuming they’re everywhere in the US, so it’s cool to have one – they’re quite rare in LEGO form. It looks great. It’s obviously seen better days as it’s got a few patches and scratches, but the rocket boosters and other ghost capturing paraphernalia makes for an interesting set.

70423 Bus

As you may know by now, LEGO vehicle number plates often refer to the actual set in question. This one presumably goes one step further. I did some searching on set 4940, and it’s The Granite Grinder from Rock Raiders back in 1999. I’m not sure of the link to this set specifically, but it’s certainly interesting! The front of the vehicle has a mixture of headlights at different sizes, and while the front archwork in the wheels looks forgotten, the rear arches have been beefed up to take the weight of the rocket boosters.

The roof of the cab can also be removed to get access to the driver’s seat. There’s also two side mounted weapons on the side doors that tuck away nicely.

70423 Bus

The radar dish can be swivelled to reveal the coloured corner tiles applicable to the Hidden Side app, but the design of the radar dish looks very good in and of itself.

70423 Bus

The rear of the bus can be slid out to reveal a command centre and lab. There’s also a bed at the back. This section is very well done.

There’s play value all through this set, not just with the Hidden Side app. This set could standalone and still be a winner, plus it can be modified to suit a regular city landscape. It’d be interesting to do – something I’m planning later in the year. Overall, it’s a fun set and one that can be quite versatile. The minifigures are of a high standard and it will be eye catching on display.

70423 Bus

BUILD: 18/20

OVERALL: 88/100

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.

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