70812: Creative Ambush Review

Theme: The LEGO Movie
No: 70812
Release Year: 2014
Cost: AUD$59.99 (retired set)
Pieces: 473 (and 4 minifigures)
While I don’t have that many sets from The LEGO Movie, it’s always fun getting my hands on one, as the builds are genius, and this one is no exception. With two aircraft, a Micro Manager and some very nice minifigures, this isn’t one to walk past and ignore.

Elements: 9
For a small set, this one has a plethora of parts. The minifigures are the elements that are the unique ones, with four in the range. Rootbeer Belle is unique to this set, with Sudds Backwash, Kebab Bob and Executive Ellen having some elements in other sets. It’s a shame I couldn’t find three, with only Kebab Bob in the set I built from the bulk lot. They are some fantastic minifigures and would be great to have even without the set.

The other elements in this set are varied. There are table stands, shutters, whips, bottles, cannons, a gold tap, frying pans, dynamite and much more. So much detail in this set, it’s fantastic even for a spare parts set.

Swooshability: 9
It’s a couple of planes and a Micro Manager. Of course it screams swoosh me! It’s a great set with loads of playing time. The cannons fire, as do some projectiles on the Kebab Plane, and the Micro Manager’s projectiles too. The arms are kind of pointless, but it’s a very playable set. My favourite part is the chests at the tail of the plane opening up to drop the dynamite on the unsuspecting bad guys. It’s brilliant!
Build: 8
This build is really fun. Let’s start off with the Micro Manager. It’s a pretty standard build for one of these guys – a bit of SNOT building for the head, and then some repetitive stuff for the arms and legs. Unfortunately I was missing a bunch of pieces with this guy. It’s a shame, but they’re not the most exciting to build anyway. 
The Kebab Plane was fun to build but I’m not sure what the wheel things are supposed to be. Maybe jet propulsion? It looked a little weird in my opinion. It’s pretty strong though, so it comes together well.
It was surprisingly not as repetitive as I thought when putting the main Saloon plane together. The wings are fun enough to keep you interested, even though you make two, and once it’s together, it’s quite durable. The dynamite does tend to fall out of the chests at the back a little too easily though. I guess it’s a good defence mechanism?
Design / Appearance: 9
I love the little Kebab Plane. It’s got a hilarious turning kebab stack in the back, complete with the heating elements, and the menus as wings was a great addition. The Saloon plane is the star of the show, and for good reason. There’s plenty to look at – it’s quite eye catching! The engine at the front looks mean, and the way the cannons are mounted is very clever. It’s fantastic having a little piano in the back as well. Every bar needs a piano! I’m really impressed with this one. Once I built it, I kept turning it around in my hands just looking at it and smiling. It’s a shame I had to give it back!
Value for Money / Collectibility: 8
The cost of buying this one nowadays is pretty decent. It’s dropped about $20 in price, so you can get it for around $40 now. It’s a great price for some terrific elements, and a great set overall. Collectibility is really dependent on your interests. If planes are your thing, then go for it, otherwise, if you’re trying to get your hands on all of the sets from The LEGO Movie, well, you have to have this one. This is a tricky one to gauge re collectibility, but it’s worth it purely on a price basis.
Overall: 43/50
A unique set, that’s fun to build, and has some great elements included. Next week I’ll be looking at a Technic set from 2008. 8291: Dirt Bike. It’s a brilliant build, and a slicker version of one I had as a kid.

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