75956 Quidditch Match Review

Theme: Wizarding World 
No: 75956
Release Year: 2018
Cost: AU $49.99
Pieces: 500 (with six minifigures)

I’m continuing my look at the new Wizarding World sets based on the Harry Potter books and movies, with 75956 Quidditch Match next on the list. It’s not the first time that Quidditch has been seen in LEGO form, with four sets prior to this. While the first one in 2003 was quite loosely connected, as 4719 Quality Quidditch Supplies, so just a shop in Diagon Alley, the rest have been actual Quidditch fields. 75956, however, is the most complete one, with most others having only one tower at the most.

The most recent version was 2010’s 4737 Quidditch Match, and had three rings, four players, two each from Gryffindor and Slytherin, the trophy, and a couple of catapult launchers, presumably to launch quaffles. Needless to say that this latest version – 75956 – is a bit of a step up!

Inside 75956’s box you’ll find three numbered bags, two instruction booklets, and a sticker sheet with 13 stickers.


There’s six minifigures in the set, four of which are Quidditch players. First up, it’s the Gryffindor team, made up of Harry, Oliver Wood, and Hermione, cheering from the sidelines.

75956 Quidditch Match

While Harry’s head and hair remains unchanged from other versions of him in the recent theme, his uniform is brand new, and looks fantastic. With a soft fabric cape (my favourite type of cape) and white pants, he looks ready to swoop into action on the Quidditch field. His hair is still a favourite among fans, as his scar is visible through the part. The printing on the back is excellent, with a hood, however it’s hidden by the cape. Harry comes with a double sided head – with smiling and frightened on each side. He’s also carrying a reddish brown broomstick and a brand new, and stunning Golden Snitch. I absolutely love this new element – the level of detail in this is superb.

Oliver Wood is not new to LEGO, having been seen in 2010’s 4737 Quidditch Match, but this year is a bit of an improvement, with him wearing the same uniform as Harry. His head and hair are pretty un-interesting, coming in plenty of sets before. He’s carrying another reddish brown broomstick, and is ready to defend the goals in his position as keeper.

Hermione in this version is not unique to the set, appearing in two other sets in the theme, and while it is a good inclusion, it’s not all that special. She’s got her Gryffindor uniform on, and carries her wand.  She’s also got a double sided head, with a smile and a worried expression on her face. The highlight for me with Hermione is her hair. Having multiple copies of this element is fantastic, as it’s one of my all time favourite hair pieces. The wavy look is great. 

On to the Slytherin side, with Marcus Flint, Lucian Bole, and Severus Snape.Slytherin has equally well printed uniforms, matching the style of Gryffindor’s nicely. They also have dark green soft fabric capes, so that makes four excellent capes in one set.

75956 Quidditch Match

Marcus Flint
also appeared in 2010’s set, and to be honest, I prefer 2010’s version. While the large front teeth are well suited to the chaser, the hair piece is all wrong. I see what they were trying to do, but it’s too much of a bowl cut, and not flat enough. Nevertheless, Marcus comes with a black broom, and a stud shooter attachment to launch a Quaffle or two (or it could be a Bludger). It’s bulky, but clever.

Also playing for Slytherin is Lucian Bole, the beater. His head is pretty rare, having only been seen in two sets before, including the Silent Mary. The rest is pretty stock standard, having the same elements as Marcus. Lucian’s also got a black broomstick and beater’s club. Not only that, but he’s got a double sided head. He’s happy and shocked in this set. It’s interesting to note that while he’s almost non-existent in the movies, he gets a double sided head.

Lastly, there’s Professor Snape. He’s also seen like this in 75953 Whomping Willow, and once again looks excellent. He’s also got a double sided head, with a face that looks like he’s not impressed, and then just plain angry. He’s got his long black jacket over a purple top, with black pants. He’s also got some great hair, and carries a black wand.

On top of the superb minifigures and golden snitch, there’s also some other  parts inclusions that are worth having in a collection. There’s a great supply of standard bricks in grey, blue, red, yellow, black and green as well as a great deal of them in the 1x2x2 variety. There’s also a fair few 2×2 corner roof bricks in the colours as well. The most interesting and intriguing part for me, however, was the three rings. I didn’t realise this until building it, but they’re actually gold tyres. This is the first time these tyres are not black rubber. 


There’s a fantastic amount of play options with this set, and if you’re able to, I’d highly recommend getting a couple of this set, so you can have a full field. Each of the four towers have a play option – Hufflepuff with a scoreboard and score tiles – one for each house; Ravenclaw has the commentary box; Slytherin has the pop-up fire that Hermione starts to distract Snape from possibly jinxing Harry’s broomstick; and Gryffindor has the trapdoor to allow players to fly through the tower.

75956 Quidditch Match

Not only that, but there’s the projectile quaffles and the keeper position on the transparent stick. It’s controlled by the little lever behind the goalposts, and the whole thing works extremely well.

75956 Quidditch Match

To be honest, I think this is one of the best play sets you can get – Quidditch is one of the key highlights of the whole Harry Potter franchise, and with this set comes the realisation that you can control a game yourself. It’s all very exciting! The only thing that I could think of that could make this set better play-wise would be having another set of goals, but that is honestly it. This set is a ton of fun!

BUILD: 12/20

There’s a lot of repetition with this set, and it all sits with the construction of the towers, all built on an 8×8 plate. The only difference lies in the small play features included in each tower – the megaphone, fire, trapdoor and scoreboard. Each tower is very simply constructed – bricks on bricks.

75956 Quidditch Match

The stickers are a nice addition, as are the Technic pin holes at the base of each tower, allowing them to be joined together. The stickers do need a bit of patience, though, as they need to be lined up to match the bricks – I misplaced a couple, and it’s very noticeable. Unfortunately there’s no included way to join all four towers together – only two are able to be connected to the main section with the goalposts.

75956 Quidditch Match

Speaking of which, the difference in the build comes with the goalpost section. It’s also very standard, with no SNOT techniques included. The structures are all very strong and durable, however the weaker points are with the goalposts. There’s only one stud holding them on, and a single knock will send it toppling over.


While it’s got a lack of excitement in the build process, it’s all worth it for the looks of the set you end up with. While the towers are small, too small for more than one minifigure to sit in, they still look great, and are a massive improvement on the towers we’ve seen before. The rings are elegant and beautiful, and the ground they sit on just sets the stage for the overall look of the field. For a structurally simple set, it looks great and is yet another big drawcard in the resurrected and rebranded LEGO Harry Potter theme. It’s also excellent to have four individual towers, one for each Hogwarts house. 

75956 Quidditch Match


For a licensed set, $50 is seriously great value, and this means it’s also possible to get more than one copy to get a full field. While the parts are more basic in nature separately, there are some excellent minifigures, and some good quality final models. Shell out for three sets, and you’re only one player short of getting two full sets of team uniforms, a stack of towers just like the movie and book portrayals, and an extra set of rings. It’s incredibly achievable at $150. If you’ve got Draco Malfoy from the CMF series, he’s already got his matching uniform on!

75956 Quidditch Match


If you’re into Harry Potter, and are a fan of the latest Wizarding World theme, then this is a set you’ll want to pick up. It’s affordable, unique – even amongst the other Quidditch based sets – and will make for a cool display. 

OVERALL: 85/100

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.