76217 I am Groot Review

Theme: Marvel Superheroes
No: 76217
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $89.99 | US $54.99
Pieces: 476

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Of all the Marvel characters to come out in recent years, Baby Groot is up there as one of the all time favourites for a lot of people. When Baby Groot was first seen on the big screen, the internet went nuts, and it’s not really stopped. This set was clearly going to be a winner, with people being able to own their own highly poseable Groot to play with.

It’s a quick build, so you’ll be posting this popular character around the place in no time. There are a fair few stickers, but they’re all needed to get the crucial details to make this build more realistic. Without the stickers it would look too bland. The build begins not with Groot, but with the almost perfect cassette. Peter Quill doesn’t go anywhere without his walkman, so it’s brilliant to add a clever side build of a cassette. I say almost perfect because in order to get the spools to be  attached, they’ve opted to attach them on the back with a light bluish grey 1×6 tile. It’s a shame, but it still works really well from the other side, and it’s almost a size match and fun for Groot to hold. There’s also a hilarious UCS style plaque that goes with it. It’s not all that informative though…

The build is chock full of SNOT, with clips and bars helping along the way. I love the textured look of the chest section, almost looking like gnarled roots. It’s tough to do while also managing to be sturdy and poseable, but it’s done to great effect here. Using a few whips here and there is awesome and the subtle inclusions of the studs with three leaves (still one of my favourite elements now in a new colour) is not too much. That being said, I’d love to see a busy version as seen on the I am Groot Disney+ series just for a laugh! The look and feel of Groot is simply put, adorable. The olive green wheel arches look spot on for eyebrows, ad the random sticks and leaves around the build add the perfect amount of subtle texturing.

There’s a good amount of poseability, with the only hinderances being in the neck and the hips. The legs aren’t able to pivot out, only forward and back, but in hindsight it’s probably best as it might topple over thanks to the big, heavy head. I found the hips to slip a fair bit, so crazy angles aren’t really doable, and I couldn’t get him to sit because of his chunky legs. The head itself is fantastic. While the eyes and mouth are not quite right, they’re still good. The coloured ring around the eyes and the mouth being slightly too big are the things I thought of, but I’m sure there’s probably something else. Justin Ramsden, designer extraordinaire did a good job with the set. It can’t be an easy job! The feet in particular look perfect – solid bases just right for Groot. I’m very pleased with this build – it’s super cute and fun to place around the room in different poses.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.