80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck Review

Theme: LEGO Monkie Kid
No: 80009
Release Year: 2020
Cost: AU $99.99
Pieces: 832 (with 5 minifigures)

When the LEGO Monkie Kid theme was announced, it got a lot of LEGO fans pretty excited, including me. I’ve got two other sets to look at from the theme – 80010 Demon Bull King & 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech. I’m super excited to build them, but for now, let’s get stuck into one of the smaller ones – 80009 Pigsy’s Food Truck.

This one includes five minifigures, two motorbikes and the food truck. Inside the box are eight numbered bags, the instructions, and a sticker sheet with 16 stickers.

The minifigures include two Ironclad Henchmen, Monkie Kid, Pigsy and Uncle Qiao.

The Ironclad Henchmen are rather unique. The torsos are highly detailed front and back, as well as the fantastic shaping on the helmets, but the heads are transparent neon orange with no printing at all. The weapons are also pretty insane – big battle axes with stud shooters? Why not.

Monkie Kid’s printing is highly detailed – a scruffy untucked shirt with beautiful printing front and back, as well as dual moulded legs, with printing on the front and sides – so good. He also carries a mobile phone and has a dual printed face, shocked and angry.

Pigsy is also a unique minifigure – another stunningly printed torso – towel draped over his shoulders (and also just visible on the back) and three quarter bendable legs. The main event is that moulded head. It’s spot on. Even without the hat it looks good. Pigsy carries a red pitchfork, unique to this theme in two other sets.

Finally, Uncle Qiao is much more plain, in a red shirt, pale tie and dark blue suspenders. He carries a briefcase, and has a dual sided head – happy and throwing up! Excellent! This is easily my favourite minifigure face, so I’m happy to see there’s another one for the collection.

As far as elements go, there’s an excellent assortment of pink parts that are new or rare, including plates, tiles, arches, Technic bricks and even a six shooter housing. Two new motorbike fairings are also included amongst the varied assortment of white and red elements too.

The build is similar to any other vehicle from LEGO, but on a slightly bigger scale – chassis, cab, rear, body. It’s simple enough, and much bigger than I originally anticipated.

The front of the truck is imposing – the big grill and mean bullbar/scoop/weapon is fantastic. It’s like something out of Mad Max, but red and white – I love it. This is a vehicle you wouldn’t want to see barreling behind you! I also like that Pigsy has a little handheld version.

There’s even a little bbq under the hood!

The rear of the truck has some elegant folding doors on each side, which open upwards to reveal a detailed kitchen interior. Flip a few parts and it soon turns into a brilliant secret headquarters filled with screens and buttons a plenty.

Everything fits quite nicely, and there is also a fair amount of room for minifigures. Its a shame that the roof doesn’t come off easily.

One side of the back area is filled with condiments, a golden frog (that I reckon could be a takeaway bag), and the bbq.

The kitchen side contains a fridge and a couple of other containers, maybe an oven and a microwave.

Flip the BBQ over and there’s a computer. The roof of the truck also has another screen tucked away.

The big exterior doors have space for a large number of stickers, one large one in particular. They’re recessed slightly which looks good.

The back of the vehicle also includes a nice little detail – a couple of air conditioning exhausts.

Add a few spikes here and there, and it’s on to the pig. It doubles as a six stud gun too – turn the pig’s bottom (yep) and it shoots them off. Be careful when putting this together though – there are two 1×1 plates that have the tiniest amount of print on them – the eyes. Put them the wrong way and you’ll have an eyeless pig!

Lastly, the motorbikes for the Ironclad Henchmen are simple – one has a chain on the back with a stolen box of food.

For the first LEGO Monkie Kid set I’ve built, I’m really impressed. It’s a fun build that looks great and has some limited but fun play functions. One of the issues I’ve noticed though, is that this set won’t really work with LEGO City scaled displays. Yes, they’re minifigures, but the sheer size of the van just blows it out of proportion. Mind you, if I saw a food truck this size rumbling down the road, I’d certainly go over and check it out!

This theme is looking to be a good one, and for $99, it’s worth picking up. The parts are nice, especially with more pink elements. I know I don’t have many in my collection.

BUILD: 16/20

OVERALL: 79/100

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.

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