80010 Demon Bull King Review

Theme: Monkie Kid
No: 80010
Release Year: 2020
Cost: AU $129.99
Pieces: 1051 (with three minifigures)

Mechs in LEGO can be a lot of fun, or a big disappointment. More often than not, they’re much smaller, with a minifigure driver. While these are fun, the bigger mechs are much more interesting and exciting. LEGO Monkie Kid came out with two large mechs in it’s first wave – this one – the Demon Bull King, and 80012 Monkey King Warrior Mech. They’re incredibly detailed and imposing and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.

The box for this set contains nine numbered bags, one bag of large hoses and the mast that is used as the sword, and an instruction booklet with a small banner and a 14-sticker transparent sticker sheet.

There are three minifigures included and they are beautiful – Monkie Kid, Pigsy, and Princess Iron Fan.

Monkie Kid must have the day off, as he’s got some red trackpants, big black boots, a t-shirt and a yellow jacket. The printing is excellent, and there’s the Monkie Kid logo emblazoned on the back, but the highlight for me is the new headphone element. It looks excellent! I’m hoping it appears in more colours in the very near future, and you also get a spare. Monkie Kid carries his staff which also has a brilliant element – Handle No. 3. This alternate handle for a lightsaber is a very exciting inclusion, and you’ll get a lot more if you’re collecting all of the Monkie Kid sets.

Pigsy also has the day off from the Food Truck, decked in tan pants, a striped shirt, blue sleeveless jacket and his chef’s hat. On the back of the jacket is the Pigsy’s Food Truck logo, and a bunch of pockets. The printing is very nicely detailed. He carries a pretty wild looking weapon, with a sausage popping out the top, his red pitchfork below, and what looks like a screen, maybe for aiming?

Lastly, there’s Princess Iron Fan. I’m guessing she’s the enemy. This minifigure is one of a kind – it’s a beauty! Elegant printing and an amazing hair element means plenty of detail. Take the hairpiece off and it shows a beautifully printed head necklace (which I think is called a ferronnière). The alternate head is extremely angry! The Princess holds an elaborate banner.

There are some great parts inclusions to note in this set. The eye tiles are printed, there’s two pearl gold elephant trunks used as the bull horns, transparent flourescent orange panels, a light brick, and the bullring to name a few.

Like most mechs there’s a lot of repetition in the build, but there are some really clever additions as well. An upside down Metalbeard’s beard is perfect as a menacing bottom jaw. The shoulder joints are incredibly robust, which is great for holding the large arms and axe up, but it does make it a bit hard to move. You’ve got to give it a good twist for it to go anywhere. I’m wondering if younger kids will find this difficult.

The knees don’t bend but the large feet are able to be tilted a little. I like the inclusion of more Metalbeard’s beards as toes, and a rubber element underneath the heel for grip. This is good as in order for the head to look straight, it needs to be standing up straight. The head is only attached by a basic clip with no friction points, so the head sags a lot.

The arms are also well detailed, with one being a large flamethrower, and the other grasping that massive and very well shaped axe. The cannons at the shoulders are interesting. Studs are placed in the end and the axles at the rear are flicked to launch them. They didn’t launch them very far, and it’s not possible to angle them down or the studs will fall out.

The back of the mech is pretty dull and seemingly unfinished, but that’s usually the case with mechs like this.

Overall it’s an impressive and imposing set. It certainly looks like someone you would not want to mess with, and I reckon it has some good bull-like characteristics in the feet, as well as the obvious head. The colour scheme is wild, but it totally works. The purple and dark pink just add to the angry feel of the bull. Mix that with the black and metallic black and it is excellent.

There are some fun play features and this will be excellent matched up against the Monkey King Warrior Mech. I’m looking forward to building that one soon! For AU $130 I think this is a pretty solid deal for a unique mech. If you see it, it’s worth picking up.

BUILD: 17/20

OVERALL: 88/100

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.

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