80032 Chang’e Moon Cake Factory Review

Theme: Monkie Kid
No: 80032
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $79.99
Pieces: 609 (with three minifigures)

I don’t know what LEGO was thinking when designing this set, but I like it! This is one of the most wacky, fun and unique sets I’ve seen in a long time! We’re on the moon, with a carrot rocket, a mooncake creation conveyor belt, a livestream setup and a giant bunny mech driven by two rabbits. It’s bananas! I mean, carrots. There’s also a punk cat called Mo!

Three minifigures are included – none of them being Monkie Kid. We’ve got Spacesuit Pigsy, a Lunar Rabbit Robot, and Chang’e. Incidentally, Chang’e is also the Chinese goddess of the Moon.  Chang’e has a brand new hairpiece – black hair with a moon accessory on top. It looks great. Her printing looks good, with moons and bunnies represented well, in a futuristic sci-fi feel. She’s also got a dual moulded face, with pink eyeliner, blue lipstick, and a happy livestream ready face as well as a brooding, angry one. She’s got a white skirt on too. I really like this element.

The Lunar Rabbit Robot is brilliant. Rabbit helmet, friendly blue face and alternate angry red and black face, and a nice printed torso. It’s a sham there’s no printing on the legs, and no bunny tail element! That would have been great. The Rabbit has a strange looking carrot loaded weapon. Not sure what it does, but it’s fun.

Finally, there’s Pigsy in a spacesuit. White oxygen tanks are included, and more nice printing. Pigsy has his red pitchfork included, albeit spaced up, and has a bag. On to the builds, starting with the streaming….thing.

Given it’s on the helipad on the box art, I’m guessing it flies. To be honest I thought it was a mobile command centre for the factory. The screens, white on transparent stickers, stuck on trans-light blue tiles, are very hard to read, so I didn’t understand that it was a live-streaming setup until I did some research, but it is unique.

The Moon Cake factory is actually good fun. There’s a conveyor belt manufacturing line that looks like it turns moon rocks into moon cakes. Not sure how that will go with digestion, but hey, it’s LEGO. It’ll be fine. The carrot rocket (again, not immediately obvious that it was a carrot – I must have been tired) looks very cool, and a side panel can open and display the boxes of moon cakes ready for delivery. I’m not sure the random lantern works underneath the helipad, but I love the colouring, and the large clear window on the factory looks great.

Lastly, there’s the best bit of this whole set – the Bunny Mech. This thing is just fantastic. Big mechanical looking legs, two large ears, a removable bottom that contains some different things (not sure what they are), and a removable craft piloted by two intrepid bunnies in the front. I love this It’s bold and nuts and I want more sets like this. Random animal mechs!

This is a bonkers set, and I love it. It was a lot of fun building it – plenty of chuckles coming from the LEGO room! Monkie Kid really excels in the weird and wonderful sets, and this was one of the standouts. Great colours, a definite space vibe and bonus bunnies, this is a must get if you see it. It’ll be available January 1st, 2022.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.