80034 Nezha’s Fire Ring Review

Theme: Monkie Kid
No: 80034
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $129.99
Pieces: 929 pieces (with six minifigures)

Monkie Kid is a very unique theme with exciting and a little crazy build subjects, but this one has to be a favourite a massive one wheeled vehicle! After doing a bit of research, this style of ride is sometimes referred to as a monocycle, but this is obviously scaled up for the minifigure. Nezha is another character in Chinese mythology – a protection deity. He flies around the sky riding on the wind and fire rings, and holds the Universe Ring. Nice link to the set! Let’s take a look, starting with the minifigures.

First up is Nezha. Nezha seems to have lost his rings, which sets up the whole series. The printing on Nezha is very well done, with ornate looking armour going down the front of his legs. There’s also a lilac shoulder piece and a very minimalist cape known as the Red Armillary Sash. This thing can apparently change length and shape. There’s also the Fire Tipped Spear, and he rides on a couple of rings. The hairpiece is also brand new.

Monkie Kid gets a bit of an upgrade in this set too, with some very oriental cross with Iron Man armour. It’s brilliant! There’s also a red visor printed on the alternate face. He rides his staff that’s had some changes, and carries one of the fire rings. There’s also a more civilian version of Monkey King, seen before in The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain from last year. Nice printing, but I kind of wish he was dressed up to the nines in this one.

There’s the Evil Macaque as we’ve seen him already before, with some amazing armour, red sash cloak thing and his Shadow Staff. A very cool minifigure. There’s another Shadow Monkey – great to have, great printing but not all that exciting, and then there’s the White Bone Demon. This one is awesome. There’s the skirt option or the spooky floating option for the legs, and has the coolest hairpiece I’ve seen in a while. The bone in the top can glow. The printing is very fitting to the name and looks amazing. Big fan of this one. On to the builds!

First up is Evil Macaque’s bike. This thing is so very cool. Super evil, tough and imposing, this thing could hold it’s own against the Fire Ring. I love the printed fan blades in the turbines, and the fishing rods hanging out the back! The cloud bar piece comes in transparent purple here too. I love this build – it’s great to have a strong secondary build along side a very strong primary build. I can just hear this thing roaring to life, and that’s a good sign for playability.

The White Bone Demon’s throne looks great and is a perfect size for the set, as the primary play thing here is the vehicle chase! There’s a nice bone cage that looks excellent, a jail underneath the throne, and plenty of actual bones to boot. The transparent light blue chain is also great.

Lastly there’s the Fire Ring. There’s fire all around the main ring, and plenty of it spurting out the back of the vehicle. It’s honestly one of the coolest vehicles I’ve seen. The chassis sits on two wheels hidden underneath so the main wheel can roll smoothly. It’s very satisfying rolling this thing around, and even if you don’t want to do that, you get some nice golden corner tracks! The stickers definitely add a lot to the set so I’m glad they were included, and the teal lines running through the set break up the dominant red and orange with the white. It’s fun to build, brilliant fun to play with and is a good size to get people fiddling with it.

This is a very well executed set. Two fantastic vehicles, a mean looking throne and heaps of fun playing with it, this is a hit. If I had to be nit picky the throne could have been a bit scarier, but it does well. The minifigures are great too. This is a top notch set, and it’s available right now! Go and grab yourself one and have fun rolling it around the house.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me a copy to review. All thoughts on this set are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.