A Change to Bricktober Perth 2020

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, a lot has changed in the world. COVID-19 has rewritten what life is like. So much has changed, and now the coronavirus has impacted Bricktober Perth 2020. But, that doesn’t mean Bricktober Perth 2020 is cancelled.

Nope, it simply means it will be a virtual show! Like most things in our lives these days, it’s going online! While it’s a huge shame the physical show won’t be able to go ahead, we’ll still get to see some really cool LEGO builds, through the wonders of the interwebs. The prizes and build categories will still be a thing, as will the coveted brick badge bricks for exhibitors.

If you want to be a part of it, in a new and interesting way, complete the Expression of Interest form. The Committee will then get in touch with further details, once they’ve been finalised.

4 thoughts on “A Change to Bricktober Perth 2020

    • John Post authorReply

      I certainly will be! I’m just finishing off the Demon Bull King Review, but the Piano has been built and reviewing has begun. 🙂

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