A first look at the new The LEGO Batman Movie sets

Earlier today, LEGO released three images on their Facebook page, showing off the new The LEGO Batman Movie sets, and they look pretty neat!
First up is Arkham Asylum. Looks like lots of awesome prison minifigures, a pretty great looking police car, and some watermelon slices, among other things.
Next is Freeze. I’m not sure about the legs. They look a little spindly, but I like the rest. Macaroni pieces in red is a nice inclusion, and I like those hands on the mech.
And then there’s the Batcave. There’s so much to love here! The penguins, Penguin himself, the different Batsuits, Fancy Bruce, and more. This one looks brilliant.

So, are you planning on getting a copy of these? Let me know what you think!