A LEGO Flower and Vase for The office

Check out this awesome flowerpot by nobu_tary! I’d love to have something like this sitting on my desk in my office. I love the hot air balloon parts as a vase, and I’ve never seen a flower done like that before. It’s beautiful!

Along with this flower, I also have a little confession. Unfortunately I didn’t get round to finishing the review of 8292: Cherry Picker in time for Monday, as I’m going away for work for a bit, so the site will be a little quiet for a couple of weeks while I get ready for that, but I’ll be back and raring to go in a couple of weeks. I’ll be rounding out the set reviews of the bulk lot, as I’ve finally finished it! There are some pretty killer sets in there.

Until then, happy building, and and I’ll see you again on the 27th June!

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