All Aboard this Container Ship!

Browsing LEGO images on Flickr is highly enjoyable for me. There are so many amazing creative people out there doing incredible things with the plastic brick, and I’m always finding new people to follow. Jussi Koskinen is one of those new people, and the builds from Jussi are top notch.

Container Ship - Jussi Koskinen

Take this container ship for example. It’s massive and beautiful! It was created by Jossi as a commissioned build and includes over 700 containers on a ship that’s almost 90cm long. I absolutely love the hull. it’s all tiles and sloped bricks and looks excellent. There’s so much small detail! I’d love to see it next to the Maersk Triple-E¬†container ship that LEGO released in 2014. It’s apparently full of Technic so is incredibly strong – I’d love to see inside it to see how it’s done.

Don’t forget – The LEGO Household Items Challenge is still on! Have you entered your build yet? You could win some excellent prizes from LEGO!

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