Allanar Forest

Christmas is over, time for some more beautiful MOCs! This one is Allanar Forest by jsnyder002, and has some very clever parts usage included.

Allanar Forest - jsnyder002

I love those trees. I’ve attempted these before, and they’re not easy, especially if you are limited with the amount of leaves you have! These have loads, and look so much better. I love how it’s contained in the black border, and the stonework in the left house is stunning. I also really want some olive green flower stems and lime green plates! The grass is excellent. My favourite detail though – the water. Using white horns and blue minifigure legs as waterfalls looks spot on. It definitely looks like it’s flowing! it’s so organic. I also really like the little guy under the right tree with the honey pot. Using a gold 1×2 grill and gold minifigure hand as dripping honeycomb is inspired! You can check out a few more close-ups in the album.

What’s your favourite detail in this stunner of a build? Let me know below!

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