Another LEGO Ideas Project Reaches 10K

We’ve got another one! I Am Your Father by szabomate90 has managed to reach 10,000 supporters and will be included in the Second Review Stage for 2017.

I Am Your Father - LEGO Ideas

Based on the iconic and critical scene of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader battling it out on Cloud City, this scene is playable, and looks very close to the original scene. I really like the detail.

I Am Your Father - LEGO Ideas

The full description is below, as well as a video that shows the model spinning around, with images from the original scene. The project includes 1482 bricks.

The Empire Strikes Back‘s Duel on Cloud City between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader is one of the most iconic and significant scene in the Star Wars saga and in film history as well.

Also emotionally this is the most dramatic turning point or climax in the whole story. In that case this epic moment deservs a Lego set.

Lego already released the 10123 Cloud City set  in 2003 roughly with all the Bespin scenes.
Now we’re focusing on the lower levels throughout the chamber, where Vader revealed the truth to Luke.

The project based on the original location that we see in the movie and also uses the behind the scene photos as reference for the sizes, shapes, colors as accurately as possible.

Completely playable, the 3 tubes that Vader cuts of with his lightsaber is also detachable.
Here you can see the whole model in turning around compared to the original scene:

Including I Am Your Father, there are now four projects at the 10K supporter mark, with the first three being Gilmore Girls – Luke’s Diner, The Wonders of Peru, and NF-15B Research Aircraft.

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