Aussie LEGO Stores Rollout – An Update

In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen a couple of new LEGO stores opened. One at Robina on the Gold Coast, and one at Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne and from all reports, they look good! There’s lots of displays, plenty to buy, of course, and the famed Pick-A-Brick Wall. The Doncaster PAB wall is a big one too, with 96 elements on the wall to choose from.

Doncaster Pick-A-Brick Wall

The Melbourne store is also home to a pretty awesome AFL sculpture, showing two AFL players (with non-descript team colours). One’s taking a great mark off the back off the other one.

AFL Display - Doncaster

Other obligatory inclusions in the new Doncaster store are the Build-A-Minifig station and another station that renders a 3D version of the model on a screen, when a LEGO box is scanned into it. That sounds interesting.

Richard from The Rambling Brick was there and was able to have a chat to the Alceon Executive Director, Richard Facioni, and asked about the rest of the rollout. One big thing was that it all comes down to commercial spaces that are available. It’s not just that they are available, but where they are located in the centre. It’s not just a matter of opening it anywhere!

There’s a few other stores to be opened before the end of 2019, such as Broadway in Sydney, Chermside in Brisbane, and Newmarket in Auckland, NZ. The Rambling Brick reported that there were plans to put a store in Penrith, however there weren’t any suitable places to put it, so it’s been put on hold for now.

But on to the important stuff – stores coming up! Richard told Richard (I had to) that in 2020 we can expect to see more stores open in Sydney and Melbourne, and several locations in both WA and SA – you read it correctly. We’re not getting just one, we’re getting multiple!

It’s all dependent on location availability – if there’s no appropriate locations, it can all change. Richard actually mentioned the locations in WA they’re looking at too – Garden City, Karrinyup and Joondalup. Again, these aren’t set in stone, they’re still just looking.

To me, Garden City is the winner – it’s about as central to the majority of the Perth Metro Area as you can probably get out of the three, and Garden City is a nice centre. Karrinyup is going through some serious expansion at the moment, but is pretty far away for the southern suburbs, and Joondalup? Well, Joondalup is miles away.

The South Australia locations looked at included Marion and Rundle Mall (I wonder if they’d do LEGO Malls Balls?), and more in Melbourne including High Point, Fountain Gate, Southland and the CBD, with Geelong and other regional centres as possibilities in the future.

It’s all looking very exciting! Alceon Group is going all out with this rollout of stores, and provided the locations can be secured, we’re looking at a very bright future for LEGO in Australia.

The next LEGO Store to be opened is the Broadway Shopping Centre store in Sydney on October 12th.

A massive thanks to Richard from The Rambling Brick for the information and the photos!

6 thoughts on “Aussie LEGO Stores Rollout – An Update

  1. Nath

    I agree that Garden City would be an awesome location, but Joondalup would be as well – it’s a massive centre, and a Lego store wouldn’t be amiss in it.

  2. Karen Vickers

    Please please build a Store in The Sunshine Coast in Qld. So many of us Lego fans live more than 4 hours north of Brisbane. Its a long way to travel with kids for a Lego Day trip.

  3. Dwayne Peterson

    still waiting for the store to come to Western Australia starting to doubt lego stores ever will

  4. Richard Dietz

    Yeah, what happened lego? Covid scam ruined our fun ;/

  5. Jono

    Garden City would be an epic central site for perth as long as they have an exclusive VIP que. 😉

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