Barb’s Disappearing

Jonas Kramm is one of the builders I most admire, and he’s created this phenomenal Stranger Things scene of Barb’s disappearance. Barb is one of the most popular characters in the series, and not only has Jonas created this to look spectacular, it also mirrors what the official set does (75810 The Upside Down) and flip upside down!

There is so much detail in this. I’m a big fan of studless displays and this sits as one of the best. They’re just so clean! I love the shaping of the pool, and the detail of the underground section is perfect. I could look at this for hours. Those trees, that house…

4 thoughts on “Barb’s Disappearing

  1. Cam

    Looks awesome!
    Just missing a few more of the characters like Steve and Nancy!
    Would love to have this for myself ahaha.

  2. Mr.Meatball

    Yo this is incredible! I’d love to build this, is there a pdf file or somethin for it?

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