Beautiful Modular Parks

One of my favourite MOC subjects is the modular park. I’ve never been very good at them myself, but one day I have plans to make a large one, when I’m able to display a full city in my own home. I was browsing Flickr the other day getting ideas for another project, when I came across these two absolutely stunning parks by Magma Xenoliths. There’s a big one and a smaller one (that’s still quite large). They’re both equally as amazing.Modular City Park - Magma Xenoliths

I love the retaining wall and fences, and the tiling on the paths. It’s so understated and detailed at the same time. The trees are also very organic and natural looking. It’s beautiful.

Large Modular Park - Magma Xenoliths

The big one has the same fountain, but with an extra pond, statue and a lot more going on. It’s fantastic. I love the clever use of SNOT for the stairs. So much to look at! It’s an excellent centrepiece for a modular city.

Have you seen (or built) some excellent modular parks? Leave a comment below and share them with the world!

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