BricktasticBlog is now a LEGO Affiliate!


In the last week or so, BricktasticBlog was approved as a LEGO Affiliate. This is different from the Recognised LEGO Fan Media from a while back. It means that the blog now uses affiliate links to help support the cost of running the site and the purchase of LEGO sets for reviews.

If you click the link to a LEGO product and buy it or anything else on the LEGO Shop site, I get a very small commission! It’s miniscule –  3%, but it certainly helps!

There is one small detail that’s important. The affiliation is for the US site, so all the links will go to the US version of the site first, but the location can always be changed to whatever region you need. So, next time you’re purchasing some LEGO, I’d really appreciate it if you came through here first! I’ve added a link to the LEGO Shop at Home website to the right that will always be there.

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