Bricktober Perth Online 2020 is On!

Thanks to COVID-19, so many of our usual activities have had to be cancelled or at the least, postponed. That also includes my local show, Bricktober Perth.

Fear not, however, as it’s online this year!

During the entirety of October, is home to not only some incredible builds, but video interviews, activities, a history of the show, and more. Exhibits are sorted nicely by category and there’s something new every day. It’s like going to a show over a whole month. It’s kind of neat!

Of course, nothing will beat the real deal, but it’s great to see the organisers have put this together. It’s a mammoth task, so well done team! The exhibits this year are excellent – I just wish we could have seen them in person!

Pirate Park by James Lucas

Head to the website every day to check out the exhibits, and we’ll hopefully see you at the show next year! I’m displaying this year as well, I just don’t know when mine is scheduled to be posted. You’ll just have to wait and see…

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