Building a Home

I was browsing Flickr the other day and came across a beautifully detailed build by Allen Smith. He’s built his first home in 1:43 scale, and it’s come up a treat.

Apparently he had to modify the garden somewhat, but it still looks incredible. I really like the roofline and the hedge work using plates. It’s very effective.

The house looks stunning. The wood panelling and the green highlights are just the beginning of a very well crafted display. For me, the gardens are the highlight.

Using pretty simple techniques, Allen has made a gorgeous and detailed garden. The vines weaved through the fence are brilliant, and the use of the large leaf elements in so many different ways just show off one of my favourite elements. Combined with the multi coloured grass and brown of the fence, it all results in a stunning build that would be a treat to look at and photograph.

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