Building Dunder Mifflin: 21336 The Office Review

Theme: LEGO Ideas
No: 21336
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $179.99 | US $119.99
Pieces: 1164 (with 15 minifigures)

LEGO have done some great popular TV set products (couldn’t say sets twice!) in recent years, and the latest one is another fan favourite. The US version of The Office is well known and well loved across the world. Full of classic moments from Steve Carell and the crew, it’s cringey and awkward and hilarious. I’ve watched the entire series so I was pretty excited to get stuck into this set! The instructions include the regular assortment of snippets and facts about the show, the fan designer, the LEGO design team, the set and more. I’m not normally a big fan of stickers, and there’s a lot of them in this set, but for good reason – the LEGO team have added in so many easter eggs from the series! It’s crazy. I was chuckling all the way through building this set.

There’s a massive 15 minifigures in the set – it’s huge. The main cast is included, with exception to the latecomers like Andy Bernard and Erin Hannon. That said, the inclusions are superb.

  • Michael Scott – with his big cheque to Science for $340.
  • Dwight Schrute – with a Schrute buck
  • Jim Halpert – with a letter
  • Pam Beesly – with her teapot, a present from Jim
  • Angela Martin – with a hilarious LEGO version of the Jazz Babies poster
  • Oscar Martinez – with calculator
  • Ryan Howard – with his mobile
  • Kevin Malone – with his chili
  • Stanley Hudson – with a beloved crossword and pretzel
  • Kelly Kapoor – with her birthday cake – love the torso!
  • Phyllis Lapin Vance – with her mittens and needles
  • Meredith Palmer – with a coffee cup
  • Creed Bratton – with some mung beans
  • Toby Flenderson – with a camera
  • Darryl Philbin – with a take out menu and warehouse uniform

The minifigures, for the most part, are brilliant. Excellent detail and unique torsos, perfectly suited for the characters. The face details are great too, except for one – Toby needs to be sadder, more mopey.

I’m not going to focus too much on the building – it’s not overly complex, but still throws in some good techniques here and there. Given that a lot of it is desks, some techniques are repeated a lot. If you’re a fan of building furniture, you might get some new ideas from this set.

It’s a big build, full of references to moments in the show. The designers have done really well to pack in so much. Reception, Michael’s office (which is detatchable), the conference room, and desks for the sales team are all included in excellent detail. Add the minifigures in and you can spend ages recreating scenes from the show.

There’s the bowl of lollies at Pam’s desk, posters all over the walls,  the fax from Jim when he pranks Dwight with a message from Future Dwight, Pam’s drawing of the Scranton building…

On the other side of the retaining wall is a limited section of the Accounting department, with Angela’s cat Garbage hidden in a cupboard.

You can also have Kevin dropping his chili…

Michael’s office includes the World’s Best Boss mug, his posters all over the walls, his Dundie Award trophy, a fantastic globe printed on a minifigure head, a Golden Ticket from the failed promo….

On his desk there’s an incoming call from Jan (the ex and former boss), a Hiya Buddy post it note – one of the “important interruptions” for Michael, plus some music attempting to be downloaded on the PC, plus a hidden tile of a Threat Level Midnight drawing! A more obscure one, but great that its included.

There’s also the Carpet Surprise hidden under the desk! Classic.

The Conference room has the TV in the corner, plus six chairs, and an interchangeable selection of tiles – Diversity Day and a Happy Birthday sign for Kelly; the whiteboard has the pyramid scheme diagram and the don’t (don’t) bother Luke drawing; plus a bouncing DVD logo for the TV, or the Lazy Scranton screen (hilarious), and the webcast of Ryan launching the new website, complete with Kelly’s pizza smeared on it.

On to the desks! Jim & Dwight’s desks look great, and rather jam packed full of stuff! Black keyboards are a nice touch, plus there’s a shuriken in a drawer, a longsword hidden behind the boxes, a website for Schrute Farms B&B on the screen, and a bobble head and some Schrute bucks on the desk.

Jim’s desk has the ring in the drawer (for Pam), what I can assume is a messenger thread with Pam on the screen (there’s a matching one at Reception), plus Dwight’s stapler in jelly – a printed piece too!

Phyllis and Stanley’s pod has some great links as well. Bob Vance Vance Refrigerations on the screen, a heart topped box on the desk, with Stanley having his toy car on his desk, and a Stanley nickel in the drawer.

Andy Bernard isn’t completely absent. It looks like he’s at Anger Management training, because there’s a hole in the wall by Michael’s door!

There’s also the Homer Simpson doll using a baby’s head without printing (the creator of the show, Greg Daniels, was a writer on The Simpsons for a while).

The bin that Dwight sets on fire is there too.

The big drawcard in the set for me isn’t the building, or even the amazing minifigures. It’s the huge amount of references to the show. There are easter eggs galore in this set. Just when you think there’s no more, they throw another one in! Being able to recreate the iconic moments of the show into a LEGO set makes the build experience that much more immersive and fun. If you’ve not watched the show, this set will be very confusing and won’t make as much of an impact, but for the fans, this is an absolute must have. It’s a good sized build, with loads of hidden (and not so hidden) details, for a decent price. Well done LEGO, this was a beauty.

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