Building the Marvel Mechs

A while ago LEGO sent me a bunch of the new Marvel sets, including three smaller mechs – the Miles Morales Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man. There’s not a lot to them, but they do include some nice details, and they’ve each got their own nuances in building, specific to their accessories.

The minifigures are the big draw cards for me, with some stunning prints in particular. First up, Spider-Man. Miles Morales comes with his signature black with red accent design, grey pants, black boots, and red hoodie. The hood element looks good and the back of the torso features a nice logo print on the back.

Thor has his full armour on, as well as his detail moulded helmet. The torso includes a quality print, but the cape is only represented by a hood. The cloth cape that’s seen in the 2020 sets isn’t there, as it wouldn’t fit in the mech. Iron Man is just as good, with a highly detailed torso and helmet. His head also has a dual print, with one side featuring a printed chinstrap, to complete the look.

The mechs themselves are good, but nothing overly exciting. The body of the mechs is purely to keep the minifigure in place, with one of the 1×2 T panels to slide their legs in. The chest piece then folds up to lock them in.

The chest elements look good, with a 2×2 stud section for detailing. The legs and arms are purely ball joint elements with embellishments, as is pretty standard for these size mechs. For older fans these won’t really excite all that much, but the younger fans will like them.

The hands on each are slightly different, so they can hold each accessory – the webs, hammer or the shield.

The feet are also two different styles. Spidey has narrow feet, while the other two have wider feet. The accessories themselves are the build highlights for me.

The shield and hammer in particular are great additions. These little builds will allow your younger Marvel fans to have a bit of fun not just making the sets, but posing them. They’re reasonably well balanced and with those big feet, they’re able to get a good…footing…to be quite stable. These are fun – pick them up if you see them.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me copies to review. All thoughts on these sets are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.