Busting the Misconceptions

As any LEGO fan will testify, there will come a time where someone will question where LEGO has gone with one of three comments:

  • “When I was a kid, it was all just basic bricks” 
  • “All the sets come with instructions these days, and you can’t make anything else with them”
  • “Lego is too expensive these days”

I’ve heard these quite a bit recently, so I was pleased when I stumbled across a couple of blog articles trying to debunk them. I’m not going to repeat what they said, as it’s much better to read it from the source.

First off, there’s a series of three articles from Big Sal’s Brick Blog. Part 1 looks at the level of instructions and the apparent lack of basic brick boxes, part 2 covers the specialised parts, and part 3 is the summary of the findings. They are all quite interesting.

Next up is an article by Andrew Sielen that completely disproves the third comment.

Finally, New Elementary (one of my favourite LEGO blogs) has a great article called When LEGO Was Never Just Bricks.

I’d highly recommend a read of all of these articles. They shed a lot of light on the matter, and I’ve been able to share these out with other LEGO naysayers and open their eyes. Read on!

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