Cafe Shop – Textures Galore!

Here’s another perfect example of the incredible possibilities that LEGO brings, and it’s something that I’m still learning – using elements in different ways. Cesar Soares has used scuba tanks and briefcases (just to name a few) in different ways to create stunning textures in this Cafe Shop.

Cafe Shop - Cesar SoaresNot only that, but there’s buckets and Friends bows as planter boxes, minifigure hands and lever bases as drain pipes, as well as tools, reindeer antlers, bullion, a hockey stick and some Fabuland thrown in for good measure. This build is a masterclass of clever parts usage, and some stunning techniques.

I also love the red and grey wall – these are more standard parts, but it’s still so clever how it’s been put together. What else can you find?

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