Grant Davis - Inside a Poke Ball

Inside a Poké Ball

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a poké ball? Well, some of you have, and Grant Davis (one of the genius minds behind the LEGO Pop Up Book coming to … - timofey_tkachev

An Actual LEGO Website!

This blew my mind. I was scrolling through Flickr this evening, and saw this. I had to stop and give it a second (and third and fourth) take. It’s by …

Microscale Old Fishing Store

Microscale Mastery

I’m a massive fan of the Old Fishing Store and was amazed at the amount of detail included. This microscale Old Fishing Store MOC steps it up and shrinks it …

Brothers Grimm - Markus Rollbuhler

The LEGO Grimm

This is an older one, but it caught my eye. As a Children’s Librarian and a LEGO fan, I’m always fascinated by book representations in LEGO – I’ve even attempted …

Lite Cycles - Grantmasters

Micro Light Cycles

When it comes to nice parts usage (NPU), it often takes a gifted, creative and trained eye to do amazing things. Grantmasters has those trained eyes, and it certainly shows …

Tux - timofey_tkachev

Tux, Who Else?

Organic stuff is notoriously difficult to create in LEGO for the mere LEGO mortal. There are others, however, that absolutely nail this with the least amount of parts.  One of …