75953 Whomping Willow

75953 Whomping Willow Review

Theme: Wizarding WorldNo: 75953Release Year: 2018Cost: AU $99.99Pieces: 753 (with 6 minifigures) When Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets (the book) came out back in 1998, the Whomping Willow was one section that sounded …

70629 Piranha Attack

70629 Piranha Attack Review

I’ve had a few LEGO Ninjago Movie sets sitting on my desk waiting to be built, and I’ve finally had the chance to take a look at them! These have been around for a while already, and they’re still on shelves just waiting for you to grab them. For the first one, I’m looking at one of the smaller sets – 70629 Piranha Attack, but I’m also planning on looking at a couple more.

21313 Ship in a Bottle

21313 Ship in a Bottle Review

Theme: LEGO Ideas No: 21313 Release Year: 2017 Cost: AU $119.99 Pieces: 962 While I love the variety and ingenuity of the LEGO Ideas theme, there are some sets that have been …

21312 Women of NASA

21312 Women of NASA Review

Theme: LEGO Ideas No: 21312 Release Year: 2017 Cost: AU $49.99 Pieces: 231 (with 4 minifigures) I’m a big fan of LEGO Ideas sets. They’re unique and often include themes …