Check out the Bricktown Public Library!

Being a librarian, I’m always excited to see a library built in LEGO, and this is a stunning example by Brick Queen. There’s plenty to look at in the Bricktown Public Library, with some excellent details, perfectly suited for any library.

Bricktown Public Library - Brick Queen

You’ll probably recognise the wallpaper pattern from 76052 Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave, released early last year. It looks great in a library setting! I love the shelving – there’s three varieties and they all look great. And that kid’s corner! The upside down tiles as a rug with the red and blue seating looks brilliant.

Bricktown Public Library - Brick Queen

Not only that, but there’s some excellent computer terminals – I love the look of the round tables. It breaks up the room, and would fit in any library I’ve ever seen. Plus, there’s a librarian’s trolley!

Bricktown Public Library - Brick Queen

Brick Queen’s images haven’t had a lot of attention, but they totally deserve it! Check out more quality builds on Flickr. What does your LEGO library look like? I’ve certainly got some inspiration from this one!

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