Christmas Wreath

 Last week, I was inspired to try something I’d not built before – a Christmas wreath. After collecting a massive number of green parts for Noah’s Ark, it was a perfect time to try it, as I had more than enough!

LEGO Wreath

It’s not often I get to get stuck into a pile of LEGO and just create, so it was a lot of fun! I started with some 4×6 plates connected on the short side with some hinge plates. After connecting them with some 1x1s, 1x3s and 1×4 plates, I just went out from there, throwing in wedge plates for shaping and standard plates for strength.

Christmas Wreath base layer

Some sections of the top were pretty loose, but after adding some more smaller plates on the outside edge and on top of the sections, it became quite sturdy – strong enough to pick up and hang by one side.

Christmas Wreath underside

Once the base structure was done, all that was needed was to add the detail with some large and small leaves, 3×3 bamboo leaves, and red and white flowers. It took some time to get the texture and look right – some bald spots were filled in with smaller leaves, and I started again a few times, but after a couple of layers it was all done.

The trickiest part of this was making it look random – if it looked symmetrical it wouldn’t look organic. This was especially the case for the plates. Some symmetry was needed, but in other places, like around the edges, randomness was best. Now all I need to do is put something in the centre (maybe some candles) and stick it on the dining table!

Have you made a wreath before? I’d love to know your process. Let me know in the comments below.