Collectible Minifigures Series 15 – The Feel Guide

The series 15 CMFs have hit the shelves, and it looks set to be an extremely popular one! I’ve got a few so far, and they look great! If you’ve been to the shops and seen small groups of people crowding around the boxes or shelves of minifigures playing with the bags, then they’re probably looking for the things listed below. Remember to give the bag a good shake, then get the black stand and booklet out of the way and go nuts!

The listing below will go in order of the main image at the top, working from left to right starting at the back.

Winged Warrior
Try to find the spear. It’s a long rod with a spiked end, so they spear tip should be identifiable. After that, go for the wings. They are big, flat and unique, with the feathers. Four per box of 60 with this guy.
Animal Control Officer
Go for the net with this one. A small shaft, with a big scoop net. Confirm with the skunk. It is similar to the pig, but with a bushy tail. Three per box with this one. 
Laser Mech
​The wings are the best to identify him by. They’re flat and triangle shaped with a clip on the end, and there’s two of them. Confirm with the sword. There’s no crossguard, but it has a unique profile to it with it’s jagged edges. Four in a box.
The Janitor is the only minifigure in the series to have a 6 length bar as the mop handle. Find that, and locate the wider ring at the end and you have him. Another one with four in a box.
Jewel Thief
The best one for this is the jewel. It’s a standard one, and easy to recognise. Either that or the grappling hook, with three hooks, or the megaphone. It’s a standard one, so again easy to recognise. This one is three in a box, so another rare one.
The easiest thing to look for is obviously the pitchfork. It’s long and has a flat end on it. Find the pig as well, and you’ve got the Farmer. Be careful to make sure you haven’t got the skunk though. This one is three per box, so one of the rare ones.
Try to find the flag. It’s square, flat and has two clips at one edge. Once you have that, try for the air cylinders. They are the classic ones that have two cylinders connected by a neck bracket. Four Astronauts come in a box.
Frightening Knight
Try finding the spiked mace. It’s a spiky ball, but be careful as the shaft is a separate part. Confirm with the shield – the back will have the standard shield grip. Four in a box.
This is another tricky one. The flute is best to go for first, but it’s short and similar to others like the Knight or Astronaut. Once you have that, go for the unique legs. They are different to regular minifigure legs as they have a deeper depression above the feet. Make sure you don’t have the back of them tough. Four in a box again.
Shark Suit Guy
The head is the best thing to find. It’s big, pointy on the nose and flat at the top. After that, try to find the dorsal fin. The torso doesn’t have normal arms, with fins instead. If you find that, you’ve got the Shark Suit Guy. Surprisingly this one has five per box. I would have thought this one would be a rare one.
This one is the easiest. Find the big bulges in a packet and you’ve most likely got the Queen. She has a big 2×4 skirt, so very easy to find. Three in a box, so she’s rare.
Wrestling Champion
The only one for this one is the trophy. It’s a standard trophy, so should be easy to recognise. It’s the shape of a minifigure glass with two big handles on each side. This one is four per box too.
This is an easy one – look for the tutu, as it’s the only thing you can use to identify her! The hairpiece is too similar. There are three ballerinas per box.
Tribal Woman
This one is a bit of a tricky one. The feathers are most likely to be the best to identify her, but they are very small. It’s a V shape, so give it a go. You can confirm with the baby that feels like a little smooth bean, or the neck bracket (the small L shaped thing with a hole and a stud). The other thing is the hair. It has two braids, but it’s tricky to get. This one has three per box, so it’s a rare one too. Good luck!
Kendo Fighter
This one is identified by his swords. They are long with small square crossguards. Look for two of them. He’s a common one with five in a box.
Clumsy Guy
Last but certainly not least is Clumsy Guy. The crutches are the best way for this one. Two triangle shaped parts with a hole in the middle. The only way to really confirm this one is to find two of them. There’s five in a box, so it’s a common one.
That’s it! These minifigures are proving to be very popular already, so get in quick before they all get taken! Happy shopping!

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