Commuting with LEGO – Reviewing the Creator Vehicles

At the start of the year LEGO sent me a bunch of small sets to review and I’ve slowly (considerably slowly) been going through them in batches. Next up is the two small Creator vehicles – 40468 Yellow Taxi and 40469 Tuk Tuk. They’re both quick builds, but have some nice little details.

40468 Yellow Taxi

At first glance, the taxi is very “Creator”. It’s simple, with no interior, and not a lot of detail. There’s not a whole lot about this set that’s exciting, but it is a nice remake of a classic New York cab. The stickers in the set – there are six of them – all add that little something extra to it. Numberplates, TAXI on the side, and the advertising on the roof. The advertising in particular is a nice touch, showing an advert for some New York pizza, and the LEGO version of the Statue of Liberty, complete with a little LEGO flame – a nice touch.

Yes, it’s rather square, but at this scale, I’d imagine it’s not easy to curve out and still get the required shape. The wheels are also very large – too big for the set. It will, however, look good in a modular city. It’s also got a bit of a classic LEGO look, with the transparent roof bricks as a windscreen. It’s a fun little set.

The set retails for AU $14.99, with 124 pieces. On to the next one!

40469 Tuk Tuk

No stickers in this one, and it’s so colourful! This is great – just like the tuk tuks you see in real life. The driver sits in the front, and the passengers in the back.

There’s heaps of colour – green, blue, yellow, orange and red all combine with a smattering of pearl gold to accent it. The little details are what I enjoyed though. The little exhaust pipe, the fire extinguisher, whatever the things are on the roof, the tassles on the roof too, It’s brilliant.

While the colours may look random, there’s a sense of order to it too – the yellow and green at the front look particularly good. The windscreen too.

It’s a little out of scale if you’re looking at minifigure scale, or want to display it with the Yellow Taxi, but it’s a great build nonetheless.

This one retails for AU $14.99 as well, with 155 pieces, although at the time of writing, it’s temporarily out of stock.