Earn 3x VIP Points at LEGO Shop at Home!

LEGO Shop at Home has a couple of amazing offers on at the moment, that’s sure to entice you to spend some of your hard earned cash. They’re available in Australia and the UK (and a few other EU countries too).

3x VIP Points Promotion

First up is the big one. 3x VIP points on all orders from April 7 to 23! That’s huge. I’ve never come across a triple before. Double VIP points are a thing, but I had no idea that they upped it. It’s well worth spending some money now. That brings me to the second deal.

If you spend AUD$60 (£36), you’ll get an exclusive LEGO VW Mini Beetle for free. 10252: Volkswagen Beetle is already a standout set (you can read my review here), so getting a little one is a nice addition, so get in quick before the deals run out!

First Prize - LEGO Re-Theme Challenge

Also, I’m running a big LEGO Re-Theme Challenge at the moment, with some amazing prize packs supplied by The LEGO Group! Simply take a set from any theme (current or retired) and change it to suit the look and feel of a different theme. It’s on until Friday May 5, 2017, 11:59pm AWST.

Are you submitting something? I’d love to hear from you if you are! Also, let me know if you’re planning on getting in on the 3x VIP points deal. What are you buying?

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