Exploring the 2021 Spider-Man Sets

More Marvel time! In addition to the trio of Mechs sent to me, I also received a trio of the new Spider-Man sets – 76172 Spider-Man and Sandman Showdown, 76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs Carnage, and 76174 Spider-Man‘s Monster Truck.

Of all the superheroes, as a kid, Spider-Man was my favourite. These characters have been a part of me for a long time, and I was thrilled to get a copy of these sets to review, so thanks LEGO! Let’s take a quick look one by one.

76172 Spiderman and Sandman Showdown
45 pcs | AU $17.99

The 4+ set of the trio, it contains a Spider buggy and Sandman with a bunch of sand, represented by tan and dark tan parts. The minifigures are nicely printed, with Spidey getting some arm printing as well as great torso and head printing, front and back. The only let down is the plain blue legs. Sandman has been seen before (that torso is stunning), but the ‘leg’ portion looks highly detailed, and just plain awesome. The right side is tan shaded, with a tan right arm and hand, and the left is normal. The mid sand state torso is great.

The buggy is very easy to build, comprising of two halves of the chassis, connected with Technic pins and plates and wedges for strength. The wedge brick at the top is printed, which is great, as those stickers would be a nightmare! While it’s a 4+ set, I quite like the design of the buggy. The moulded parts combine to make a fairly realistic vehicle chassis. Sandman gets a sand catapult, that can launch (a little poorly) 1×1 round tan bricks at Spidey. It’s a bit of fun for young Marvel fans, with some great minifigures.

76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs Carnage
212 pcs | AU $32.99

One of my favourite villains is Carnage (and yes, Venom). Carnage is from Venom, and merges with Cletus Kasady, a serial killer. The printing on this minifigure is awesome. I also like the large tentacles from Chima flames, although you lose the effect when viewing from the back, thanks to the 4 bar bracket element. There’s also some great looking veins on the back of the head.

This version of Ghost Rider looks like Robbie Reyes, and comes with the transparent orange flame hair that’s unfortunately stuck to the head. Spidey is the same as 76172, but with web blasters.

The build here is a mean looking 1969 Dodge Charger. Its got massive fat tyres on the back, and also transforms into the Hell Charger, covered in flame, using an assortment of flame elements. They suit the set really well, with almost all being used to great effect. The shape of the car is really good, especially the front. I think they’ve probably over done the large wheels at the back. The monster engine at the front also makes great use of the projectile weapons. It works really well as an oversized engine.

It’s a shame that there’s no other build in this set – while the minifigures are a great addition, I don’t think the Charger is enough. Either way, its another way to get a good looking car and some great detailed minifigures.

76174 Spider-Man’s Monster Truck
439 pcs | AU $72.99

Who knew that Spider-Man owned a monster truck! I mean, I’m not sure why he needs one, given that he webs everywhere, but hey, any excuse to get another LEGO monster truck. This is also not the biggest drawcard for me with this set. The minifigures in this set are brilliant – Spidey (of course), plus Spider Gwen (Gwen Stacey from an alternate Earth, Earth-65. This is the world where Gwen is bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. We’ve seen Spider Gwen before, in 2019’s 76115 Spider Mech vs Venom, and last year in 76419 The Menace of Mysterio. The difference here is in the hood. It’s a new one thanks to Hidden Side, but I think the old one is better. It just doesn’t look right. 

The next minifigure is Mysterio. This version is probably based on the Spider-Man Farm From Home Mysterio, with his hologram projecting killer drones. He’s got a brilliant torso and large globe helmet, as well as a swirling mist to stand in. This is really cool. I’m a big fan of this element. He’s also got flickfire green blasts, and has two drones in tow.

Lastly, there’s Doctor Octopus, one of the original Spider-Manvillains. With those four massive mechanical tentacles that are highly poseable, this is I think one of the best Doc Ocks we’ve seen in LEGO to date. To me, this is really just a Spider-Manminifigures pack with a monster truck thrown in.
The monster truck itself is actually pretty cool. There’s a bit of flex in the suspension thanks to some clever uses of a rubber Technic element, and the colour scheme is vibrant. There’s also enough space for Spidey to sit in the front.

At the back sits a net launcher that can be raised and lowered. This is the first time I’ve played with this element, and I’m more impressed than I expected. The large net comes out in the expected way, although it’s not a huge distance. The stickers are reasonable, but I would have preferred to not have them on.

All up, these sets are good fun. The minifigures once again are great, and young Marvel fans will get a lot of enjoyment from playing with them.

A special thank you to LEGO for sending me copies to review. All thoughts on these sets are my own and are not influenced in any way, shape or form. The provision of sets for review does not guarantee a favourable review.