Facebook Pages and LEGO Sites

Facebook and the Australian Government are having a bit of a fight, and we’re the collateral damage. Facebook today put a ban on news sites from Australia, as an expression that they’re not happy about the News Media Bargaining Code that’s just been voted in. What it means is that there are no news sites or pages ending up in your feed as you scroll through.

This isn’t good, as it’s not just news sites that were hit – emergency services pages, community groups, weather pages, and a lot more found that their page showed as a page with no posts.

This also happens to include a bunch of pages from your favourite LEGO sites, and yep, that includes this site too. The list so far (including Brickset.com and brothers-brick.com) is:

Some have had their news articles blocked from being shared on Facebook, others have even stopped the Facebook Pages from being viewed anywhere in the world. Others, like Jay’s Brick Blog (here’s Jay’s take on the whole debacle) have the page up, but direct links can’t be shared. It’s very inconsistent.

This obviously sucks big time, but you can help! The best way to help us out while this is being sorted, is to check out the websites directly. Tell your LEGO fan friends, and make sure to subscribe to the site (and the others) through the newsletter on the right hand side of the page.

Instagram still works, even though Facebook owns it, so a lot of links are being shared there too. I’ve got some pretty exciting reviews coming, including the set I’ve been working on all week so far, Ninjago City Gardens, plus a lot more. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on Instagram, but I’ll be sure to get back into it.

I’m hoping this will get sorted soon, and Facebook lets us have our pages back! In the mean time, help out the great LEGO sites around the country by subscribing to the newsletters and checking out their sites directly.

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