Fictional Skylines

The LEGO Architecture Skylines series has been very popular, with a number of excellent and iconic skylines available to choose from, including Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, New York City, and Las Vegas still available. Sydney and London have gone out of stock, but I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can find one!

LEGO Architecture San Francisco

But what about those other iconic skylines? The ones that aren’t real, but so many of us have grown up with, and would know like the back of our hands if we happened to miraculously get there? The ones from movies and books?

Well, MOMAtteo79 on Flickr has spent a lot of time creating some of them, and they look stunning. Microscale isn’t easy, but this is done with style, and there’s plenty of recognisable landmarks.

Harry Potter

MOMAtteo79 - LEGO Harry Potter Skyline

Hogwarts Castle, Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express, so much awesome here!

Indiana Jones

MOMAtteo79 - LEGO Indiana Jones Skyline

I love the boulder and idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the minecart from Temple of Doom, and the dogfight (and zeppelin) from Last Crusade. This one is excellent.

Lord of the Rings

MOMAtteo79 - LEGO LOTR Skyline

There’s so much to like about this one, but Hobbiton and Minas Tirith in particular are awesome. Hobbiton looks so cute!

Breaking Bad

MOMAtteo79 - LEGO Breaking Bad Skyline

I had to include this one. The White family home, complete with the pizza on the roof is hilarious, and the lab is perfect!

Back to the Future

MOMAtteo79 - LEGO BTTF Skyline

BTTF is easily my favourite one though – the use of trans red elements in various places is spot on. This one is brilliant.

Which one is your favourite?

2 thoughts on “Fictional Skylines

  1. Chris

    Would like to see these come out as sets or I would purchase instructions for them.

    • John Post author

      Chris, I think the creator has posted some instructions on Rebrickable. Check out the links in the original Flickr posts.

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