First Image of the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

Overnight Amazon UK added a new thumbnail to the LEGO Ideas product category, of none other than the Medieval Blacksmith set. Needless to say, it’s changed dramatically.

Here’s the original submission by Namirob for comparison.

It’s still a nice looking set, but it’s a far cry from what it used to look like. Now, I get it. It’s not what we were hoping for. I’m a bit disappointed as well, but there’s a few factors at play here. The original submission would have had substantially more parts included, which sends the price up. It’s a shame that the tree has been so heavily modified, as well as the stunning dark roof, but there are stringent requirements for a LEGO set to make it to shelves. Yes the argument could be why bother approving it at all if they’re going to change it this heavily, but we’re not privy to that information, so we have to live with what we get, which is still a nice looking set. If it was not a LEGO Ideas set, I think fans would be pretty happy with it.

Many comments have been saying that LEGO have butchered the original submission, and while there may be major differences in it, every project designer has a part in the outcome of the actual product. Namirob would have been a part of the design process for this as well. It’s not like this would have been released without them knowing about it. It is, however, completely different to the original submission, which is disappointing. Yes, there’s a building and a tree, but aside from that, it’s like TLG saw the name of the project and started again. There’s no real similarities apart from being a Blacksmith’s workshop in the medieval architectural style.

Don’t get me wrong – this is still a very appealing set. There are still nods to the original design, and I like the use of the Nexo Knights shields as roof tiles. I’m not sure of the green in the roof – I’m assuming it’s meant to be oxidised tiles, but I fell it could have stayed as a blue shade. Nevertheless, I’m still keen to pick it up. I’m also keen to see what it’s like inside.

I’m very interested in your thoughts. Do you agree with my thoughts? Reckon I’m nuts? Let me know.

2 thoughts on “First Image of the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith

  1. Sasha

    When I saw this set on Lego Ideas, my first thoughts were, “Why another blacksmith mod? What do I like about this one? Would it fit with my other Medieval sets (Medieval village 10193, the legendary Dan Siskind’s 3739 – the first hinged Lego building, 6918 Blacksmith Attack and 7189 Mill Attack along with various small sets and a couple of castles?) Well, I like it as a building for it’s more interesting features that are in keeping with a Medieval building. I live in a village of 300 people that is mostly Medieval buildings, including a blacksmith shop (Now the mechanics at “The Old Forge Garage” repair cars). The main feature of a real blacksmith’s shop is BIG DOORS or the forge is in open air under a roof. Smiths were not rich. I haven’t seen any real smithys that were more than 1 story, let alone 3. This model – and so many other blacksmith mods, is very appealing, but does not readily say ‘blacksmith’. I would probably have bought it for the realistic Medieval features (overhanging upper floor, brick and beams, the tree and other more individual features). I will not buy the actual set because it would not fit with any of the existent Medieval sets and it has lost all the unique touches of the original set. I like 3 things about the final version – the interesting tree; the curved wood over the bricks (that is a real feature of many Medieval buildings – repurposed ships’ beams) and the innovative use of the Nexo Knight pieces.

  2. Sasha

    one more thought… the smithys could catch fire. I don’t think I would want to live over one.

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